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We have carefully developed the Match Maker to help guide you to an airgun that is right for you. Our products are available for a broad audience and can be used by many but there are cases where a product may be easier to use than another from person to person. There also may be different types of guns that are better or worse for specific uses.

Our guns are designed to be accessible and easy to pick up and use, but a certain amount of physical strength is required to use some of our products. For example our break barrels require a lot of upper body strength to cock so a person lacking in upper body strength may have a difficult time using one of these models. The goal of the Match Maker is to guide you to a product that is easy to use and enjoy. Our recommendations are intended to be helpful and guide you to the product that is right for you.

Below are some definitions of the categories you may encounter in the Match Maker.

Target shooting

Target shooting is a very common use for airguns; paper targets are a typical example. It is a good way to improve shooting skills and marksmanship.

Plinking and Casual Shooting

The term "plinking" refers to any kind of casual shooting. The most common example is setting up old cans as targets. It is one of the most common uses for airguns and the one most associated with the hobby.

Competitive Shooting

There are many types of shooting competitions available for anyone interested. Silhouette shooting, for example, is a rapidly growing sport that involves shooting at metal targets in the shapes of animals (chicken, pig, turkey, and ram), which are placed at 20, 30, 36, and 45 yards, respectively.  As in other forms of shooting competition, there are divisions based on skill level and classifications based on type of equipment.

There are other types of shooting matches as well. If you search, you will probably find that there are clubs or teams in your area that have regular meets.  Even in urban areas, there are indoor ranges where matches are held. You might want to attend some matches to see which are most interesting to you.

Pest Control and Hunting Game

Small Game Hunting and Pest Control are also common uses for airguns. Game or pests from the size of a rabbit to a mouse can be hunted with an airgun. If you choose to use your airgun for pest control or hunting, please note the following considerations.

Laws and Regulations

It is your responsibility to be aware of any laws or rules which may affect shooting of pests or hunting game in your area. Check with the local municipalities and conservation office where you intend to shoot. Follow all rules for safe and legal hunting and pest control.

Gun Selection

It is very important to select a gun that is appropriate for the size animal you are intending to hunt. Different model air rifles have different power levels that can be used for larger or smaller animals. Please be sure the gun you have is appropriate.

Small Pests and Game

Airguns with this icon could be used for shooting small pests such as mice, sparrows and starlings.

Medium Pests and Game

Airguns with this icon could be used for shooting at larger pests such as rats and pigeons.

Large Pests and Game

Airguns with this icon could be used for shooting at small game such as crows, rabbits and squirrels.


Shot placement is critical, so never attempt to shoot at any animal until you have mastered aiming and accuracy. Be aware of what you will hit if you miss. Practice on paper targets until you are very accurate.


When shooting at pests or hunting, most shooters choose pellets, as they are generally more accurate.

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