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"Share the fun of shooting with the whole family!"

The Wildcat delivers plenty of fun in a CO2-powered, semi-auto BB pistol package. In an attractive pink polymer frame, the Wildcat has a convenient 20-shot drop-out clip for fast reloading. CO2 is accessible behind the removable grip panel.

Built in America. 

The Wildcat Pack includes:
- Wildcat pistol
- Holster
- 1500 rounds of Copperhead BBs
- 5-pack of CO2
Eva Shockeyis the daughter and hunting partner of legendary hunter, Jim Shockey, and combines toughness and drive with her own feminine style. Her passion for conservation, adventure and genuine love of the outdoor lifestyle inspire folks to experience the excitement and fun of learning to shoot. She is active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
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    • Model NumberPROPICK047
    • BB VelocityUp to 480 fps
    • Weight2
    • Length8.125
    • MechanismSemi-Auto Repeater
    • Power SourceCO2
    • Caliber.177
    • BB Reservoir20
    • SafetyHammer Block
    • ColorPink/Black

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