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This all-new, tactical, variable pump, BB/pellet rifle features new valve technology combining lower pumping force with higher velocities. Features include a full tactical rail on top with a tactical red dot sight and side rails for accessories. The MK-177 is fed by a 5 shot pellet clip or choose the internal 300 + BB magazine, conveniently located on the side. The newly designed bolt handle is larger and comfort-coated for ease of use. Store ammo in the handy space beneath the rubber shoulder friction pad. Assembled in the USA.


Kit includes:

  • TacticalRed Dot sight
  • Soft sided case
  • 2 Firepow’r™ pellet clips
  • 100 Copperhead® BBs /100 pellets
  • Shooting glasses
  • Primary Use

    • Specifications Overview

    • Model Number30115
    • Pellet VelocityUp to 750 fps
    • BB VelocityUp to 800 fps
    • Weight3.5
    • Length33
    • MechanismBolt Action
    • Power SourceVariable Pump
    • Caliber.177
    • AmmunitionPellets / BBs
    • Pellet Capacity5 shot pellet clip
    • BB Reservoir350
    • BarrelRifled Steel
    • Barrel Length16.75
    • SafetyCrossbolt
    • ColorTan

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    MK-177 Kit

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    (5 out of 5 stars)

    “Iguana Apocalypse”

    By Calusa

    2013-10-19 18:25:07
    I like this gun, I like it a lot, it’s accurate, powerful enough for its intended use and it’s a heck of a lot of fun to shoot. I bought it for target practice and also for use as a light-duty hunting rifle in the post “Iguana Apocalypse” days.

    The things that I like most about this Crosman MK-177 air rifle are
    1. Really great price and free shipping at
    2. Red Dot sight included
    3. Carry case, BBs, Pellets and safety glasses included
    4. Full length Picatinny Rail on top and two shorter rails on either side of the hand guard.
    5. This gun is powerful and accurate.
    6. Rifled barrel
    7. Moderately easy to pump
    8. Lightweight, strong, solid feeling composite construction
    9. Looks great, actually it looks more than great, it looks “badass”
    10. Feels great, good control configuration
    11. Really like the muzzle break
    12. Did I mention free shipping? Gotta love free shipping.

    When I initially started looking at this gun I was pricing the model with iron sights. It was my intention to remove them and put on a red dot sight. However when I saw this model with a red dot in place of iron sights I jumped at it. Surprisingly the Red Dot sight is of reasonable quality and allowed me to shoot consistently good groups.
    I have no chronometer to measure muzzle velocity but with 10 pumps using Crossman pointed pellets I was able to penetrate 400+ (dry) pages of a phone book at 33 feet. I have also been hunting with this rifle and let me categorically state that in the real world it is way powerful enough for it’s intended purpose. Yeah, they taste like chicken.
    I am left eyed and right handed so I am particularly happy with the configuration of the bolt handle and pellet magazine.
    I believe that having a non-adjustable stock and non-removable magazine were conscious design decisions on the part of Crosman. It allowed them to produce a very sturdy, well-built gun. I particularly like the solid feel of the magazine, which I choose to hold while I pump the gun.
    At first I found the shoulder friction pad difficult to remove and access the storage area. Now it comes off easily with firm thumb pressure pushing back on the lower edge.
    I also found that the trigger pull was long, but I have adapted to this and do not find it to be a problem.
    Whereas some of the styling of this rifle may be cosmetic, the design clearly demonstrates that form follows function and this is a well-designed, very functional gun.
    My overall impression of the Crosman MK-177 is extremely favorable and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a great looking, accurate, reasonably priced, sturdy air rifle.

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