Pumpmaster 760PKT (.177)

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A proven Crosman favorite for four decades, this dependable rifle offers an experience all its own. Over 12 million have been sold! Doubles as a BB repeater or a single shot pellet gun. Now available in classic pink!

Kit includes:
• 4x15 scope
• 100 Premium Copperhead BBs
• 100 pellets
• Shooting glasses
• 5 paper targets
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    • Specifications Overview

    • Model Number760PKT
    • Pellet VelocityUp to 615 fps
    • BB VelocityUp to 645 fps
    • Weight2 lbs 12 oz
    • Length33.5 in
    • MechanismBolt Action
    • Power SourceVariable Pump
    • Caliber.177
    • AmmunitionPellets/BBs
    • Pellet Capacity5 Shot Clip
    • BB Reservoir200
    • BB Magazine18
    • BarrelSteel
    • Front SightFixed Blade
    • Rear SightElevation Adjustment
    • Optics Rail3/8" Dovetail
    • Optics4x15 mm Scope
    • SafetyCross-bolt
    • StockSynthetic
    • ColorPink

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    Pumpmaster 760PKT (.177)

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    Great Little Gun

    By Proud Dad

    2012-12-30 13:37:59
    Got this set for my daughter for Chirstmas. I had one myslef (not pink) when I was young. Less metal and more plastic now, but gun is still first rate. Fiber Optic sights are a nice new touch. I also like the new five shot clip. Accuracy is excellent, makes one hole groups at backyard distances. I just love this gun, and so does my daughter. The extra stuff in the set is well made and worth the small extra cost.
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    (3 out of 5 stars)

    fiber optic sight ruins an otherwise nice pelletgun

    By Anonymous

    2012-07-05 13:51:14
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    (5 out of 5 stars)

    The Crosman 760 Pumpmaster in PINK!

    By Macabespeed

    2012-02-12 18:10:38
    Hey guys! heres a cool look at the 760P from Crosman, complete with starter kit! GREAT Valenties day gift for the wife! Picked it up for her as well as my 5 year old daughter, and it was a HUGE ht! :) "The family that shoots together......"

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