M4-177 Tan Kit

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The next great variable pump rifle is here and now available in tan! This kit has everything you need: rifle, ammunition, targets and shooting glasses.

If you enjoy the adaptability of the AR platform then you're going to love the M4-177. The airgun features a rifled steel barrel and shoots both pellets and BBs. The rifle's variable pump action is easy to use for right or left-handed shooters.

Expect velocities up to 660 fps with BBs and 625 fps with 7.9gr, .177 caliber pellets.

There's plenty of picatinny rails for mounting your favorite accessories, plus the front and rear sights and stock are removable for the ultimate in upgrade possibilities.

  • Includes a Firepow'r 5-shot pellet clip
  • Reservoir capacity of 350 BBs
  • Adjustable stock to fit every shooter
  • Loop slots for adding a gun sling
  • Windage and elevation adjustments
  • Two aperture sizes instantly available on rear sight: just flip up the small one for stationary or bullseye targets or the large one for moving or large targets.
  • Removable magazine stores pellet clip and sight adjustment tool
  • Primary Use

    • Specifications Overview

    • Model NumberM4-177TKT
    • Pellet VelocityUp to 625 fps
    • BB VelocityUp to 660 fps
    • Weight3.56 lbs
    • Length34 in
    • MechanismBolt Action
    • Power SourceVariable Pump
    • Caliber.177
    • AmmunitionPellets / BBs
    • Pellet Capacity5 Shot Clip
    • BB Reservoir350
    • BB Magazine18 Shot
    • BarrelRifled
    • Front SightElevation Adjustable Pin
    • Rear SightDual Aperture Windage Adjustable Carry Handle Peep Sight
    • Optics RailPicatinny
    • SafetyCrossbolt
    • ColorTan

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    M4-177 Tan Kit

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    good fun

    By talldog

    2014-02-06 17:06:05
    I find this to be a fun air gun for backyard target and gopher plinking - At 75 ft with ten pumps it will take out a gopher quite well. The :"DESTROYER" pellets are pretty effective. I recommend this one to anyone who wants a fun time with an air gun...
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    (5 out of 5 stars)

    gunny says

    By Gunny

    2013-08-28 14:21:01
    I have owned this gun for a number of months now and find it to compare very nicely with my other air guns -- It is quite accurate up to about 75 feet with either pellets or BB's after taking care to sight it in - The pointed pellets are the most accurate - The pump works nicely and has better leverage than some rifles--
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    (5 out of 5 stars)

    m4177 tactical

    By logan

    2012-03-16 18:41:56
    the best gun ive ever purchased. it is fairly accurate. the con is that the bottom mounting rail can not be used because of the pump, otherwise it is a great gun.

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