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CO2 Powered, Full Metal, Semi-Auto Blowback 1911-Style Pistol 

  • Authentic combat sidearm design
  • Full metal, gas blowback design
  • Realistic weight and balance
  • Detachable grip panel for easy replacement of CO2
  • Quick-release, 15 shot magazine
  • Built-in CO2 piercing tool
  • Integrated CO2 tool design
  • Specifications Overview

  • Model Number62001
  • BB VelocityUp to 400 fps
  • Weight1.8375
  • Length8.5
  • MechanismBlowback
  • Power SourceCO2
  • Caliber6mm
  • BB Reservoir15
  • BarrelSmooth Bore Alloy
  • Front SightFixed Blade
  • Rear SightFixed Notch
  • SafetyLever
  • MaterialMetal
  • ColorBlack

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(5 out of 5 stars)

Worth your time and money

By Shooter

2013-12-31 12:44:20
This is a great gun It feels and looks like the real 1911 I have it's ridiculous. If you have a chance buy it
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(5 out of 5 stars)

Whoop whoop!

By JoeBear

2013-12-20 22:13:22
This has got to be the best alternative to live rounds I have ever tried. Now I understand why the military is starting to use these as an training alternative. I love the fact that the entire weapon looks and feels like a real Colt 1911, just like I used in the US Army and have in my holster. Everything from the mag-release to the slide-stop pin assembly. Oh, and what a GREAT use of the pin as the actual CO2-gun safety. What I mean is that when you have the CO2-gun safety disengaged, the safety pin lines up perfectly with the slide-stop lever on the left-side of the pistol. Oh, and speaking of the slide-stop, it has the same length of travel as my Colt 1911. I shot a little over 150 rounds with my first CO2 cartridge, and, using .20 gram shot, it has been really accurate at the ranges I am using it, between 3-15 meters. I am using it to re-learn shooting after a broken-bones hand injury, and with the price of ammunition being what it is, well - this is a GREAT way to bring everything back in line without going broke. I've found Dixie cups at 10 meters to work best for me at this point. Oh, and the "splat" kind of targets work beautifully when I am working on accuracy.. I really recommend checking this one out!

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