This month is the Kick-Off of the 2008 Outdoor Adventure Road Tour presented by Field & Stream. It is a unique hands-on experience for outdoor enthusiasts. Customers will enjoy an extensive, large-scale “mobile” parking lot event and sale that will showcase outdoor adventure sports. This 20 week, 20-city tour will run until August 3rd, 2008, and will visit a total of 14 states across the Southeast, Midwest, Great Lakes, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.


The event started in Melbourne, FL and Crosman sent Eric Haase to help out in the Airgun Range and talk with some of our customers. Lets check in with Eric and see how the first day went…

Eric can you give our readers who have never attended one of these events an overview of what happens?

[Eric] As you mentioned, this event takes place in the parking lot of various Dick’s Sporting Goods locations from now till August. BUT don’t be fooled by the sounds of this. We are talking about a hands-on demonstration event that is a great experience for just about every person in the family. If you are into outdoor recreation, shooting, fishing, camping and hiking, you will not want to miss this free event.


Our CROSMAN shooting range gives shooters the opportunity to try several of our pellet guns and airsoft guns before you buy them. There are also fishing demonstrations, yard games for the kids (and adults too) and many great sales to kick off the warm weather season.

How many folks attend over the course of a weekend?
[Eric] Over the course of the 3 day event (Friday 4-9pm, Sat 10-9pm and Sunday 11-6pm), we have anywhere from 650-1000 shooters.


How do you feel an event like this benefits the consumers?
[Eric] I don’t believe there is any other venue where you can test an airsoft gun or pellet gun before you make your purchase. We give you that opportunity. And with a Crosman representative at each event, you can ask questions to find the airgun that best suits your needs.

Tell us a little about the shooters coming into the Range?
[Eric] We have had everyone from your first time shooter to law enforcement/military sharp shooters in our range. (Please don’t be shy, no one is keeping score). Working with a first time shooter is really great. Teaching gun safety and being part of their first shooting experience is very gratifying.


How does being involved in an event like this benefit Crosman?
[Eric] Providing a safe environment to shoot and learn is one key part to Crosman’s efforts with the Outdoor Adventure Tour. An educated (shooter) consumer is always the best (shooter) customer. What better way to teach than to demonstrate and provide a hands on learning opportunity.

Lastly what is your favorite activity at the event?
[Eric] Seeing the expression on a first time shooter’s face when they hit that first bulls-eye is my favorite thing!