July 17, 2017 The Crosman All-American Field Target Championships kicks off this Friday, July 21st at the Rochester Brooks Gun Club bringing together some of the best airgun shooters from around the country and the world for one of the most highly anticipated field target matches of the year.

Competition and camaraderie are at the core of what field target events represent.  The 2017 CAAFTC participants are listed below. Thank you to everyone who has registered. Be sure to tag us in your social media posts with #CAAFTC2017 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We look forward to seeing everyone this week.

 Team Crosman  



Last Name  First Name  Rifle Division/Class
Deuel Art Freestyle / PCP
Mannis Fred Freestyle / PCP
Evans Craig Freestyle / PCP
Evans Gartley Wyatt Freestyle / PCP
Apelles Hans Freestyle / PCP
Kunkle Kevin FreeStyle / PCP
Hysyk Edward Freestyle / Piston
Wade Thomas Hunter / PCP
Day Bill Hunter / PCP
Provenzano Michael Hunter / PCP
Taylor Dail Moses Hunter / PCP
Duranti William Hunter / PCP
Tenney Sue Hunter / PCP
Felton, Jr Robert Hunter / PCP
Tenney Phay Hunter / PCP
Himes Thomas Hunter / PCP
Smelko Richard Hunter / PCP
Himes Dennis Hunter / PCP
VanWhy Daryl Hunter / PCP
Pragle Shawn Hunter / PCP
Cimbalo John Hunter / PCP
Burley Kenneth Hunter / PCP
Ryan Thomas Hunter / PCP
Wolkoff Sam Hunter / PCP
Andro Ted Hunter / PCP
Dunlap Douglas Hunter / PCP
Dunlap Betsy Hunter / PCP
Miller Tom Hunter / PCP
McIntosh Robert Hunter / PCP
Dipple Greg Hunter / PCP
Rouillard Louis-Philippe Hunter / PCP
Szeles Nora Hunter / PCP
Eakley Phil Hunter / PCP
Athmann Tyler Hunter / PCP
Rogers Douglas Hunter / PCP
Rogers Levi Hunter / PCP
Vaeth Richard Hunter / PCP
Hargarther Nic Hunter / PCP
Rabbitt Bill Hunter / PCP
DeBoard Mark Hunter / PCP
Brewer Eric Hunter / Piston
Brewer Peg Hunter / Piston
Finchum Michael Hunter / Piston
Manktelow Paul Hunter / Piston
Shirhall Greg Hunter / Piston
Wilcox James P Hunter / Piston
Darling Edward Hunter / Piston
Van Liew Brian Open / PCP
Norris Mike Open / PCP
Porch Paul Open / PCP
Gregory Walter Open / PCP
Tenney Noel (Skip) Open / PCP
Bassett Richard Open / PCP
Barker Roger Open / PCP
Todd Dennis Open / PCP
Howarth William Open / PCP
LaRocca Gary Open / PCP
Eden Dennis Open / PCP
Thomas Glenn Open / PCP
Piatt William Open / PCP
Yaddow Kim Open / PCP
Garland Anthony Open / Piston
Holland Tom WFTF / PCP
Vandenboom Brian WFTF / PCP
Diver Doug WFTF / PCP
Niksch Michael WFTF / PCP
Sauve Greg WFTF / PCP
Patner Tyler WFTF / PCP
Coss Kristen WFTF / PCP
Knoblauch Keith WFTF / PCP
Gonzales Virgilio WFTF / Piston
MacSweyn Tim WFTF / Piston
LaRocca Jerry WFTF / Piston
Brackett Matt WFTF / Piston
Hannon Jay WFTF / Piston
Apelles Ray WFTF / Piston
Thomas Nathan WFTF / Piston
Paddock Jeff WFTF / Piston


Last Name First Name Pistol Division/Class
Evans Gartley Wyatt Freestyle
Bassett Richard Hands
Gonzales Virgilio Hands
Wade Thomas Hunter
Norris Mike Hunter
Day Bill Hunter
Porch Paul Hunter
Duranti William Hunter
Tenney Noel (Skip) Hunter
Tenney Sue Hunter
Felton, Jr Robert Hunter
Mannis Fred Hunter
Tenney Phay Hunter
Himes Thomas Hunter
Smelko Richard Hunter
Brewer Eric Hunter
Brewer Peg Hunter
Pragle Shawn Hunter
Cimbalo John Hunter
Burley Kenneth Hunter
Ryan Thomas Hunter
Hysyk Edward Hunter
Wolkoff Sam Hunter
Evans Craig Hunter
Andro Ted Hunter
Dunlap Douglas Hunter
Miller Tom Hunter
Wilcox James P Hunter
McIntosh Robert Hunter
Eakley Phil Hunter
Niksch Michael Hunter
Kunkle Kevin Hunter
Gregory Walter Open
Barker Roger Open
Himes Dennis Open
Garland Anthony Open
Vandenboom Brian Open
Todd Dennis Open
Eden Dennis Open
Patner Tyler Open
Thomas Glenn Open
Thomas Nathan Open
Rabbitt Bill Open
Paddock Jeff Open