Having a handy range table nearby is a nice benefit, particulary when hunting with an airgun. Whether it’s glued to the stock, kept in a pocket or even hung on a necklace, many shooters and hunters, rely on this quick-reference guide when a shot is expected. CenterPoint has released a reticle map for the TAG 4.5-14x44mm scope to be used with the Benjamin Marauder .25 caliber air rifle. The diagram is designed to adhere to the inside of the rear lens cap cover (included with the TAG scope). When open, this location provides quick reference for using the illuminated reticles of the scope. To use properly, sight your Marauder .25 at 35 yards with magnification set at 14x. Point blank range will be 10-40 yards. The map was designed using the .25 caliber Benjamin Discovery domed pellet. Download the reticle map here.