Team Crosman members Ray & Hans Apelles, The “A” Team, recently traveled to Tennessee for a field match hosted by The Good Ole Boys.  There was some great competition with participants traveling from all over the United States.

When planning their season, Ray and Hans look to major regional two-day events that are within a day’s drive of their home range in Wappingers Falls, New York.  When feasible, they’ll go a bit further as they did in 2009 by traveling to Texas for a match.  Why the insistence on driving over flying? “We have our primary guns and sets of backup rifles and pistols, plus all the tools, air and parts for all of them.  By driving we don’t have to leave anything behind,” said Ray.  Their schedule for the remainder of 2010 includes the Northeast Regional Field Target Championship here in Bloomfield, regular season matches with the Eastern Field Target Competitors Club (their home club and course), state championships in Pennsylvania, New York and Maryland, and the nationals in Maryland.  The pair will also be returning to the South with a trip to Lexington, Kentucky.

There was nothing shocking about the course and we’ve known the people who set it up for ten years.  The really tough thing about shooting (in Tennesee) was the temperature and humidity.  Getting out of your air-conditioned car and stepping into that humidity just knocked you over.

Beyond the obvious cultural differences, we asked about shooting in northeast matches versus the South.  The differences reinforced their preference on driving, “Fatigue and concentration suffer in the heat.  Keeping guns zeroed becomes a concern. Having our tools, parts and backup guns with us was important.  If your gun doesn’t finish, you don’t finish,” explained Ray. With Tennessee experiencing a heat wave and especially high humidity, conditions were particularly unique and the team was thankful for the Southern hospitality extended to them during their stay, with dinner invitations every night and planned post-match activities.

So how did The “A” Team fare among The Good Ole Boys? Ray took first in World Field Target Federation rifle and fourth in the Pistol Field Target. Three scores bested Ray in the rifle but those shooters used high-power rifles while Ray stuck to the international rules of the WFTF that dictate low-power and no harnesses. “We compete for international titles in matches that use the WFTF rules.  Low-power means accounting for windage and distance differently and not having harnesses places even more emphasis on skill over equipment,” said Ray.

The Marauder had a good showing and the Silhouette performed great against guns that are at least five times its cost.

Congratulations to Team Crosman and all the competitors of the 2010 Good Ole Boy Field Target Airgun Match Championship. Be sure to follow Crosman on Twitter and Facebook as we join The “A” Team at the NRFTC event here in Bloomfield next month.

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  1. Richard Driscoll

    Congratulations Ray on a job well done! Also; Thank You, for your guidance on the NRFTC event in July!