Kevin Walkup is an Airbow Believer.

After first seeing the revolutionary pneumatic archery weapon at the 2016 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Tradeshow (S.H.O.T.) Show in Las Vegas this past January, he had to have it. “I’ve had three rotator cuff surgeries and a recent procedure for carpal tunnel syndrome and I immediately knew the Airbow was perfect for me,” said Walkup. He had recently read about respected outfitter Dennis Erskine offering Spanish Fighting Bull hunts on a private ranch in Texas and believe it was the just the adventure he wanted and the Airbow was the tool for the job.img_3146

“When I arrived, I broke the news to Dennis that I planned to use the Pioneer Airbow,” said Walkup. “He thought I would be using something along the lines of my .375 Holland & Holland rifle.” A couple of ranch hands were very skeptical the Airbow from Benjamin would bring down a 1,000 pound fighting bull. He was about to make believers of them all.

As the butterflies churned in his stomach, the outfitter, a ranch hand with tracking dogs and Walkup rode the ranch look for bulls. It did not take long before Dennis cut tracks of what he believe to be “a huge bull.” The nervousness Walkup had been experiencing turned into a full-on adrenaline rush of excitement. “Spanish Fighting Bulls are known for charging hunters and everything happens very quickly,” described Walkup. “I got him in my crosshairs and waited for him to step into a clearing for an unobstructed shot, but he spotted us and came right for us.” As the bull charged, Walkup picked his moment and let fly a 375 grain arrow at 450 feet per second, delivery nearly 170 foot pounds of energy into the animals shoulder “with a thunderous THUMP!” Thanks to the easy-to-operate Airbow, Walkup was able to quickly load another arrow but it didn’t take long to realize it wouldn’t be necessary.

The bull staggered about 25 yards and went down. The hunt was over.

“It was an incredible hunt with an incredible new product! Thank you so much for providing a tool for a 63 year old man with aches and pains,” remarked Walkup. “Outfitter Dennis Erskine was blown away by what he saw!”