30% Smaller, Features Integrated Laser

CenterPoint®, a division of Crosman Corporation, has introduced a new compact, 1×30 mm enclosed reflex sight with a 3 MOA red or green dot, featuring an integrated laser. The new CenterPoint SE Lite Enclosed Reflex Sight is 30 percent smaller than traditional enclosed reflex sights.

According to Crosman Product Manager, Sara Calcagno, “The streamlined design of the new CenterPoint SE Lite gives it a slimmer profile on the gun, allowing for expanded peripheral vision and depth perception. The integrated Class IIIa red laser enables fast acquisition and precise targeting,” she said.  “Use the SE Lite with nearly any firearm from shotguns, to handguns and AR-style rifles, for hunting, competitive shooting and even home defense,” she added.

The SE Lite Enclosed Reflex Sight features a large 30mm lens to ensure fast target acquisition with one or both eyes open, “and with four daytime and one nighttime setting, it’s ready for any light conditions,” Calcagno said. “The integrated laser is fully adjustable for windage and elevation and it has a convenient, remote on/off tape switch.  The compact size of the SE Lite means little added weight and more maneuverability while leaving room for other accessories,” she stated.  The SE Lite is constructed with durable, ultra-lightweight nylon fiber housing, is night vision compatible and comes equipped with an integrated Picatinny mounting system.

The new CenterPoint SE Lite “is affordable and boasts high-end features typically associated with more expensive optics,” says Calcagno. “This lightweight, convenient sight is exactly what you need for close-quarter shooting.”  The new sight will be available at retail in the summer of 2014 and has an MSRP of $129.99.

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