Hunter and Benjamin Prostaffer Les “Bear” Chase will be awarded the 2014-15 Airgun Hunter of the Year from Trophy Game Records of the World after completing the Texas Sheep Slam earlier this month. In the spring, Les¬†killed two hogs with the Benjamin Bulldog .357 air rifle, one weighing 380 pounds and the other a huge 421 pounds, putting him on course for another title.

Les had previous success on a Black Hawaiian, Mouflon and Corsican with the Benjamin Rogue .357 rifle. When that gun was replaced with the Bulldog, Les booked his hunts with an eye on completing his sheep slam with a Jacobs Ram and a Texas Dall with guide Marc Hoeppner of the Texas Hunt Lodge in Rancho Viejo.

The Dall sheep measured 38″ with heavy mass. At 28 yards Chase put a Benjamin eXtreme by Nosler 145 grain bullet through the shoulder and a second one at 35 yards. The animal went just ten yards.

The Jacobs Ram was quartering away and Chase put a round through the chest, piercing the heart and exiting the opposite shoulder at 48 yards. It dropped immediately.

Les will be recognized at the 37th annual TGR awards banquet next month in San Antonio.