Marines Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) Airguns

Crosman Corporation today announced a new brand in the airgun category with two U.S. Marines Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) airguns. The new Marines airgun product line features an M4-style air rifle, the MOS 0311 Rifleman, and a CO2 powered air pistol, the MOS 5811 Military Police. The guns are built in America.

According to Crosman Product Manager, Crystal Martin, the Marines Airgun series was created to spotlight and pay tribute to the effort and dedication of these patriots in uniform. “Both new Marines airguns follow the military occupational specialty (MOS) approach. The Marines MOS 0311 Rifleman airgun echoes the famous quotation, ‘Every Marine is, first and foremost, a rifleman,’ while the new Marines MOS 5811 Military Police pistol resembles a law enforcement sidearm carried by Military Police Officers.

The new Marines MOS 0311 Rifleman is a .177 caliber, multi-pump, multi-shot pneumatic air rifle that shoots both pellets and BBs. Using pellets, the precision, rifled steel barrel consistently delivers accurate groups. The airgun offers velocities of up to 660 feet per second (fps) with BBs and 625 fps with pellets. “The multi-pump action allows shooters to vary the velocity that suits their individual abilities, meaning they have the options of shooting farther and hitting harder,” she said. The MOS 0311 Rifleman is equipped with a windage adjustable, dual aperture rear sight and an elevation adjustable front sight. “You can easily remove the sights to allow for a scope, red dot, flashlight, or even a laser,” stated Martin. “And for added convenience, a sight adjustment tool and Firepow’r™ pellet clip are stored in the magazine for easy access. The variable pump action is easy to use for right or left-handers, and the adjustable shoulder stock benefits shooters of all sizes, making the new MOS 0311 Rifleman airgun a great choice for introducing people to the shooting sports,” she said.

The new MOS 5811 Military Police pistol is a CO2 powered, semi-auto pistol, “that provides a remarkable 140 shots per CO2 cartridge,” Martin said. “This pistol is a great plinker, target shooting gun and training tool,” she added. It features a precision steel barrel, Picatinny accessory rail and polymer frame with checkered grips. The MOS 5811 Military Police pistol has a 20-shot, drop-out magazine for quick reloading, and a conveniently removable grip panel for fast replacement of CO2,” she said.  The gun shoots at up to 480 fps and has an under-barrel Picatinny rail for adding your favorite targeting accessories.

“Sharpen your marksmanship skills and enjoy shooting with both of the new airguns,” commented Martin. The new MOS 0311 Rifleman carries an MSRP of $100 and the new MOS 5811 Military Police air pistol has an MSRP of $50. Both Marines MOS airguns will be available for purchase this winter and a portion of proceeds will help support Marines morale, welfare and recreational activities.

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  1. Wayne

    please make a version of the 45 clone that shoots PELLETS!! if it aint accurate it aint worth shooting…