Crosman Corporation announces the opening of a new logistics facility in Copenhagen, Denmark as part of a strategic initiative to accelerate order fulfillment to the company’s growing customer base in Europe. The European distribution center (EDC) represents a partnership between Crosman Corporation, Crosman Europe and DSV Denmark.

According to Phil Dolci, Crosman President and CEO, the new partnership provides transcontinental logistics to the European market with an extensive and compliant selection of products. “Fulfilling orders faster and customizing products to satisfy EU countries’ regulation requirements are the cornerstones of our expansion strategy. Enhancing that service to our European customers is a priority and we expect this facility to be a significant contributor to our international growth efforts,” said Dolci.

“Driven by the need to obtain long-term licenses that weren’t available in previous logistics arrangements, we made the decision to establish Crosman Europe as a legal entity in Denmark,” says Martin Stelling, General Manager of Crosman Europe. “It’s the affiliation with DSV Denmark that really sets us apart, as DSV is one of the largest global transport and logistics companies in Europe. With DSV handling warehousing and outbound logistics to all EU customers, our capacity to react quickly and offer customized products is greatly enhanced,” he said. “Crosman Europe enjoys an excellent position now that we are able to deliver at speeds the market requires. To my knowledge, we are the only foreign subsidiary in our industry that has invested the time and money to do this the correct way. I am proud to represent a company with such high standards of corporate governance,” Stelling added.

“The Crosman Europe headquarters are within 20km of the DSV Denmark EDC,” Dolci stated. “And it makes all the difference that the partnership with DSV is supervised by our local Crosman management lead, Martin Stelling,” he said. Compared to shipping from the U.S. or China, the new EDC saves significant time and money. “Customers should expect deliveries within one week, while some destinations will enjoy deliveries in as little as one to two days,” said Dolci. “From the beginning, our objective has been to deliver the best choice of products in the least amount of time. Our unique structure considers all aspects of the market needs as well as the diverse legal requirements. All new products for the EU are in compliance and several new lines of product adapted for the major markets in Europe are now available,” he added.

Crosman Corporation will exhibit its product line at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2014 in Nuremburg, Germany from March 7-10. Visit Hall 7, Stand 112.

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    Ho letto l’articolo che annuncia l’apertura in Danimarca di un centro logistico per il mercato europeo :sono due mesi che aspetto la crosman1377c !!! La Danimarca non è’ lontana dall’ Italia! La colpa e’ dell’importatore o della crosman? Saluti cordiali