Field target fortunes can change with a wisp of wind or the clip of a pellet as it splits against a target edge. This weekend, a number of shooters seek to make their own change on the leaderboard of the country’s only year-long, national competition for this unique shooting sport.

The Crosman National Field Target Series tracks the performance of participants in sanctioned matches of the American Airgun Field Target Association (AAFTA) and awards points to those using Crosman or Benjamin airguns. Bonus points are awarded for participating in AAFTA “Grand Prix” events with additional bonuses given for shooting in the AAFTA season finale National Championship in October and this weekend’s Crosman All-American Field Target Championship (CAAFTC). Just by participating in the 2-day CAAFTC rifle match, shooters can earn 100 bonus points for it being a Grand Prix match plus another 200 bonus points as a highlighted match of the national series.

The Crosman National Series recognizes an Air Rifle Champion and an Air Pistol Champion. The top award of All-Around Champion goes to the shooter with the best combined score in both rifle and pistol. Because bonus points are awarded in each of the rifle and pistol competitions, All-Around qualifiers stand to earn 600 points in bonuses alone. Randy Ebersole of Ashland, Oregon currently sits atop the All-Around standings with 3,031 points. Glenn Thomas of LaGrange, New York is in second place with 2,088 points. Thomas is competing in both rifle and pistol at the CAAFTC and before he ever pulls the trigger, he’ll cut that deficit by over half.

“This inaugural season of the Crosman National Series has been fun to watch,” says Chip Hunnicutt, Marketing Manger for Crosman and the mastermind behind the series. “AAFTA has embraced the concept as a means of boosting participation in the sport and we’ve built in tools to assist local clubs in addition to highlighting individual shooters.”  The most popular rifle among the Series participants is the Benjamin Marauder with over 70% choosing the air rifle named “Readers’ Choice” by both Predator Xtreme and Game & Fish/Sportsman Magazine in 2015. Among pistol competitors, 91% choose the Crosman 1720T target pistol.

While over $1500 in prizes will be awarded at the end of the season, the real reward is seen firsthand at shooting clubs across the country. Craig Martin of the Pecan Plantation Archery & Air Gun Club in Granbury, Texas has high praise for the program, “Before, one or two members would come shoot field target. When Crosman started the National Series and introduced club discounts on products, things really took off. More people now shoot air rifles at the club on a regular basis and the airgun program started growing. We’ve had 20 members buy Benjamin Marauders in the past six months and in almost every case these are new guys to airguns.”

The 2016 Crosman National Field Target Series ends with the AAFTA Nationals on October 9. The 2017 season kicks off the following weekend. To find a club near you, visit

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