A.J. Gore recently posted the results of his successful Arizona elk hunt with a CenterPoint TAG optic on our Facebook page. Here’s the full recount of his hunt.

“I recently set out to purchase a new scope for my upcoming late bull elk hunt. I looked at several of the top brand scopes and found for the price I couldn’t beat the Centerpoint TAG system. I mounted this 4.5 – 14 x 44 mm on my old Sears Roebuck 30-06. and within a few shots I was on paper and a few short clicks from zero.

Once zerod at 100 yards I then was able to use the “TAG” graph system and was hitting small targets with ease at 200 and 300 yards! Every shot hit its mark as intended. I made several trips back to the range just to make sure the scope held its zero shot after shot after shot and it did. I was now confident I had made the right choice in scopes!

I set out on my late elk hunt in “UNIT 1” area of Arizona. On the first day we only saw one bull and he was on the run the whole time. We spent the day hiking, driving, and waiting on the edge of fields for a shot but wasn’t able to take anything. Day two would prove different.

There were three hunters in our group and we decided to split and walk an area we knew the elk were in. Thirty minutes into our pursuit I heard a shot ring out through the mountains and could tell it came from a direction where my partner Rick was. I radioed him and asked if he had downed an elk, he confirmed and told me to hurry back towards him, there were three more on the move! I had alot of ground  to clear at 8500 feet of elevation.

I ran about three-quarters of a mile and closed in on the bulls who by this time had made it about a half-mile from Rick’s position. They had paused for a moment and were acting confused, almost as if they were waiting for the fourth elk in thier group to catch up. I got within about 250 – 275 yards and set up my bipod and sat down and put the 250 yard crosshair on a large bull. I squeezed off a round and watched the elk drop. I was so excited! First time I ever put in for a bull elk hunt – get drawn – and actually bag and tag a respectful 6×6! I can’t wait to do it again!

I am so proud of my CenterPoint TAG scope I am now a customer for LIFE. I am going to outfit my 16′ POF AR15 with a CenterPoint Tactical scope and am also looking to build a .243 Savage varmit and medium game rifle with a CenterPoint scope mounted on top of that tac driver!

Thank you CenterPoint for giving me the confidence in knowing when I put the crosshairs on my target it’s going to its mark!”