shooting_line.jpgOne of the hardest things to do as a manufacturer and as
an industry leader is to take a break. We are always focused on the next
project, the next innovation or the next gun that will keep us one step ahead
of our competition. But there are times when we have to pause and get out of
the office and on to the shooting range to see how our products perform in the
hands of shooters.

It is in this spirit that we recently sponsored and
competition shoot in the Northeast Regional Field Target Championships. The shoot,
which took place at the Broome County Sportsmen’s Club in Binghamton, NY.
featured over twenty shooters from three states. Some of the Crosman staff
entered, shooting our PCP Discovery.


One of the Crosman shooters was Shooting Services
Manager, Mark DeBoard.

“We agreed to sponsor this event because we feel it is
important to showcase the different types of shooting that are available for
airgunners,” Mark told us. “We want to foster the competitive end of our sport.
It also lets us talk with and hear directly from an important part of our
community. They are getting to talk to directly with some of the fellas making
the guns and ammo they are shooting with. It was all round great experience.”

Along with Mark, other Crosman participants included employees
from pellet fabrication, engineering and quality.

Field target competitions are growing in popularity with
airgunners. Challengers shoot at targets up to 50 yards out with some unique
twists thrown in. Targets can be placed
anywhere on the range– up in trees, behind obstacles, hidden in shadows, on the
water and even behind a moving object; wherever you can hide a target and give
the shooter a realistic experience.
In this particular event, shooters competed in three different classes, depending
on what type of gun they were using.

frog.jpgWe asked Mark to offer some tips for shooters new to
Field Target Shooting.

“I would suggest they become very familiar with their
air rifles. For example, where
does your rifle shoot at 10, 30, 40, and 50 yards?  Bring cheat sheets
with you to help you remember. The more experienced shooters are also very open
and are usually happy to share what they have discovered about the sport”.

What types of optics or accessories would you recommend?

“I would recommend scopes with Mil-Dots for the longer
shots and lighted reticles for the targets placed in darker areas. A Bipod or similar type of rest is
great to help you steady your shot.
Also something to sit on. Most of the shots you take are from a seated
position and the ground can get pretty hard.”

What did you use during the competition?

“I used one of the new Benjamin Discoveries fitted with
a CenterPoint Scope and a bipod.”

What level of shooters would you recommend this type of
contest for?


“All levels. We were beginners and we all had a great
time.  There are multiple divisions with Hunter being the most novice

What was it like to shoot with ‘professional’

“The more experienced shooters were extremely helpful
and even offered up their guns for us newbie’s to try. These are shooters that
love their sport and they want see it grow.”

Ray and Hans Apelles took 1st and 2nd in the
championships. The father and son
were shooting Prototype Crosman Discovery Match PCP guns equipped with
CenterPoint Optics. These guns,
created specially for Ray and Hans, feature some of the new technology Crosman
is experimenting with for the PCP category. Hans has now switched to his new “Team Crosman” Discovery as
his primary gun.


Besides sponsoring the event, Crosman also supplied
prizes including a Custom Discovery PCP air rifle, a CenterPoint scope, hats,
knives and ammo. The prizes were
raffled off to the competitors as door prizes. There was also a competitive
raffle where shooters earned tickets based on their performance shooting at
particular targets.

Look for more from Ray, Hans and the experimental PCP
gun right here in Croswords in the
coming weeks.

3 Responses

  1. Matt Tucker

    When will a retail model of the Discovery Match Rifle be available for the public?

  2. Mike Sporer


    I am happy to report that the Broome County Sportsmen’s Association will once again be hosting the 2009 Northeast Regional Field Target Championship with awards sponsored by Crosman! The match will be on Saturday July 11th with the practice range opening at 7:00AM, followed by the competitors meeting at 8:30AM and the match at 9:00AM. This year we will have awards for 4 divisions: PCP, Piston, PCP Hunter, and Piston Hunter. All the details along with a registration form can be found on our new web site at:

    Hope to see you there!


    Mike Sporer

  3. Héctor J Medina G

    It is nice to see a major player in the industry get involved in the furtherance of the FT sport.

    It should be pointed out that the International Rules now in force have limited power to 12 ft-lbs. This year World’s will be shot in South Africa with this power limit enforced.

    It would be interesting to see special versions of the Discovery geared towards the specific ballistic needs of 12 ft-lbs. FT. Not that it would not open the European market to the rifle, especially the British market.

    Since I am now based, for a few months, in the White Plains area, I hope to be able to meet the Crosman guys soon in person.

    Congrats on a wonderful gun and on getting involved in FT!

    Yours sincerely

    Héctor J. Medina Gómez