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Two-In-One Rifle and Full-Auto AEG Pistol Highlight New Releases

Game Face Airsoft, a division of Crosman® Corporation announces its largest product line expansion to date, together with a dramatic new look for the brand and its packaging.  The assortment includes the Company’s first two-in-one combination airsoft rifle as well as a new AEG pistol, a pair of new airsoft rifles and two full-metal pistols.

According to Crosman Product Manager, Sara Calcagno, “We’ve dramatically expanded Game Face Airsoft to meet demands for innovation, and in doing so added a variety of unique, new-to-market new weapons.  To further complement the new airsoft guns, we’ve created a sexy new look for the brand that captures the appeal of airsoft play and looks great on shelves,” she said.

9 Game Face Airsoft Expands Line with Six New Guns.doc [Compatibility Mode]“The new Game Face Airsoft Tormentor™ is the first-ever advanced combination airsoft weapon,” says Calcagno. “The unique, solid piece design of the GFRS Tormentor delivers double the firepower and twice the shooting fun with two distinct triggers in one gun. Plus, you always have a built-in back up gun if your battery power runs low during a lengthy airsoft battle,” she said. “By combining the M4-style upper with the spring-powered shotgun lower, the two-in-one weapon dispenses constant torment to anyone in its path,” comments Calcagno.

The GFRS Tormentor upper consists of a full or semi-auto AEG carbine with an adjustable Crane-style stock. The AEG upper features reinforced gears, triple Picatinny mounting rails, an adjustable hop up and a 375-round, high capacity magazine. The upper has a fixed post front sight, flip-up rear sight and includes an easily removable, rechargeable battery. The GFRS Tormentor lower is a spring-powered, pump action shotgun that allows the shooter to pump and shoot while holding the trigger. The shotgun lower features a metal barrel, adjustable hop up and a 15-shot magazine. Enjoy the flexibility of velocities at 275 feet per second (fps) with the AEG upper and a stunning 395 fps with the shotgun lower. The Game Face Airsoft GFRS Tormenter has an MSRP of $119.99 and will be available in the summer of 2014.

The Game Face Airsoft GFAP13 is the brand’s first AEG pistol according to Calcagno. “If you’re looking for an accurate, 9 Game Face Airsoft Expands Line with Six New Guns.doc [Compatibility Mode]-1close range, compact gun, the GFAP13 offers the reliability and convenience of a rechargeable battery with no more worries about springs jamming or carrying around gas,” she said.  The GFAP13 looks and feels authentic while the full metal barrel and gearbox help make this a high performing sidearm for serious airsoft players. It has full and semi-auto firing modes, an adjustable hop up, fixed sights and a convenient, push-button magazine that holds 30 rounds.  “The new Game Face Airsoft GFAP13 has nearly twice the shooting capacity of other AEG pistols and provides hours of combat action,” she added.

The sidearm shoots at velocities of 250 feet per second (fps), and comes equipped with a rechargeable battery and charger. The new Game Face Airsoft GFAP13 has an MSRP of $99.99 and will be available in the summer of 2014.

Game Face Airsoft also introduced two new rifles. “The new GF529 Sniper Carbine is a spring powered, single-shot rifle for players needing a long distance advantage, and the GFSMG Submachine Gun, is an authentic looking AEG with full or semi-auto capability and an incredible 300 rounds per minute rate of fire,” Calcagno stated.

9 Game Face Airsoft Expands Line with Six New Guns.doc [Compatibility Mode]-2“Win from a distance with the new Game Face Airsoft GF529 Sniper Carbine,” says Calcagno.  The bolt action GF529 shoots at 425 feet per second (fps), and features a one-piece precision metal barrel for long-range accuracy.  It has an easy to load magazine that holds 29 rounds, an adjustable hop up, a durable synthetic stock with rubber recoil pad, dual Picatinny accessory rails and includes a bonus sling and speedloader.  The GF529 Sniper Carbine has an MSRP of $99.99 and is available now.

“The authentic looking GFSMG Submachine Gun rifle represents a piece of history, and with its compact design, is perfect for trench skirmishing and close-quarters-combat,” Calcagno said.  “You don’t have to stop and reload with the 9 Game Face Airsoft Expands Line with Six New Guns.doc [Compatibility Mode]-3sizeable 800-round drum magazine, and the awesome 320 fps firepower makes this the ultimate offensive weapon,” she added.  The GFSMG Submachine Gun features a full-metal barrel, authentic rotary controls for safety and select fire, fixed sights, dual Picatinny mounting rails and shoots 300 rounds per minute.  It carries an MSRP of $119.99 and will be available at retail in the spring of 2014.

Game Face also announced two new, full metal, authentic airsoft pistols to its growing line of skirmish-grade products.  The Game Face GFM311 is a heavyweight, spring-powered pistol and the GF600 is a CO2 powered 8-shot revolver. “Both are designed for the action of high intensity airsoft play and offer close quarter superiority,” said Calcagno.

“You won’t run out of power with the new spring-powered Game Face Airsoft GFM311,” says Calcagno.  The GFM311 Microsoft Word-1features a full metal frame, a quick release, 12-round magazine, velocities up to 300 fps and an easy to use cocking mechanism.  “The GFM311 is a dependable backup weapon no matter what situation you find yourself in,” she said.  The GFM311 has an MSRP of $39.99 and will be available in the summer of 2014.

The new Game Face Airsoft GF600 CO2 powered revolver features a “full metal body for a solid feel and eight individual cartridges that fit conveniently into the revolver’s realistic, swing-out cylinder,” says Calcagno.  “While most airsoft revolvers only provide six shots, the GF600 delivers 30% more shots with powerful velocities of 425 fps. Fire all 8 chambers as fast as you can pull the trigger, and with the working hammer, the authenticity of this revolver is undeniable,” she said.  The GF600 semi-auto revolver features a textured, finger molded grip, fixed sights, carries an MSRP of $99.99 and will be available at retail in the spring of 2014.9 Game Face Airsoft Expands Line with Six New Guns.doc [Compatibility Mode]-4

“Game Face Airsoft continues to offer exciting, high quality products for airsoft gamers with the introduction of these new pistols and rifles,” Calcagno summarized. “These robust, full-metal guns are as unyielding as they look, so choose a new Game Face Airsoft weapon and walk away the winner.”

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