It didn’t take long for Dave Poteat and the team at Inside Outdoors Television to hit the woods with the Benjamin Marauder .25.  “The rifle arrived and it was shooting tight groups right out of the box,” said the host.

The Tulsa, Oklahoma-based show airs on The Outdoor Channel, Tuesdays at 9:30pm EST.

While the Marauder made short work of this big pig, the hunt was well into its eighth hour of 20-degree weather. After spotting and stalking to a vantage point that would give him a good chance at a clean shot, Dave set up.

“He stepped out of the woods and with a couple squeaks I was able to stop him.  He presented a perfect forehead shot and I put it right between the lookers! That one pellet dropped him in his tracks,” said Poteat.

The full hunt will air on Inside Outdoors Television, keep up with them on Facebook or their website for air dates.

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  1. kurt

    that’s awesome! smoked em in the melon with an air rifle! no meat wasted, no messy gut job.

    Wait what’s that – I smell bacon!