Game Face™ Airsoft Introduces Two Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistols

Game Face Airsoft, a division of Crosman Corporation, worldwide supplier and manufacturer of products for the shooting sports, introduces two new airsoft pistols.  The Elite Combat GBB and the Mayhem GBB are gas blowback, semi-automatic airsoft pistols powered by CO2.

The Elite Combat GBB pistol is as sturdy as the standard U.S. service pistol it resembles.  Its full metal slide and frame, generous weight and comfortable grip provide a feeling of authority.  This pistol is the ideal sidearm with its realistic recoil action and full-metal magazine.  The high capacity magazine features integral CO2 valving and drops out at the push of a button.  Simply push in a new mag for quick reload of ammo and fresh CO2 that provides delay-free combat action.

Featuring an ambidextrous safety and a quick-detach slide for efficient maintenance, the Elite Combat GBB reaches up to 330 fps with .12g BBs.  Every time the gun is fired the slide blows back automatically and cocks the working hammer to provide even more realism during training and close-quarters-combat scenarios.

The Mayhem GBB offers convincing feel, hold and recoil action with its polymer frame, metal slide and fully functioning blowback operation.  Realistic weight adds to the drama of this sidearm.  For use in CQC and training exercises, the Mayhem reaches up to 1 joule of energy.  It is equipped with a quick-detach slide for convenient maintenance and its easy-to-release full-metal magazine makes for delay-free loading of CO2 and BBs.

Both blowback pistols are available now. MSRP for the Elite Combat GBB is $149.99 and is $99.99 for the Mayhem GBB.



  1. Mike Cicatelli says:

    Where are the two Game Face GBB pistols available? I’ve clicked on the Amory and thay are not listed. I have been trying to find a Mayhem for weeks and cannot find one in-stock anywhere. I think these are the #1 competitive GBB pistols on the market but I can’t seen to get my hands on one. HELP!

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