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We are looking for your help. That’s right, you!


want you to help us create the articles and videos for the Summer House, our
annual airgun event on In past years we have worked with some of
the most talented writers and experts in airgunning to help us craft the
content for the site. But we know there are a lot of you out there who have
been using our guns for years and we know you have just as much to offer.

want to hear about how you use our products! Whether it is casual shooting,
small game hunting or competition shoots, we want to hear about it.

your expertise with the world. What are your tips and tricks for accurate
shooting? How do you maintain your airguns? How do you involve your friends and
family? Written articles and videos are eligible this year.

To reward
your hard work we will have prizes for the entries selected. There will be
Super Streaks, Discoveries and the best of all an opportunity to be a test
shooter of the NEW, TOP SECRET PCP GUN
. You will be receive some of the first rifles
produced, and let me tell you this is one rifle you don’t want to wait for.

see the kinds of things in past years click here…

this link to read about how to enter and what you can win, then get to work!

can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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  1. Brian Lael says:

    I have been using crossman products for years and ive been completly satisfied with the quality of them. Six months ago I purchesed one of your storm xt rifels, two hunting trips for small game have turned up eight takedowns some at over 75 yards. the only problem ive found are the scope rings included with the center point 3-9×7 scope are insuffient for the amount of recoil vibration. another set of scope rings solved that problem though. Since i have bought my storm xt i have went crossman all the way i use crossman premire hollow point pellets and a crossman pellet pouch as well as crossman shooting glasses. I would love to provide feed back on future products and give hunting videos, stories, and pics. please send me any information you can on this. I have tried to sign up for your summer house articles but the sight was down. Send me an addresse or email I can send some of my articles to please. Put crossman under the subject heading I thank you for a great product line and the enjoyment i have hunting with your rifle

    yours truely brian lael

  2. Travis Addison says:

    I have always loved shooting crosman air guns since I was a kid. Now I have 2 boys of my own and we all sit out in the back yard picking targets for each other to hit. We picked up some hay as a back stop and have about 30 different cans to shoot.It is a great way to talk and have a good safe time with my kids. I would recommend a crosman because it will save you alot of frustration missing targets as I have experienced with other brands.

  3. I’ve used Crosman products for more than 40 years.

    Starting with the Made in México variation of the 180 (I even met Jack Avner H. in person many many years ago), to the advanced modifications possible of the 2200 rifles into FT shooting machines capable of outshooting PCP’s in .177″, or made into very capable woods-hunters when fitted with .25″ caliber barrels, Crosman has always impressed me with the quality of their guns.

    I find somewhat objectionable the demise of the good quality/economical red-boxed Diablo .20″ cal. pellets of the past and the lack of imagination to turn the modern pellet gun into a much better machine by leaping into new territory, but then, that also allows for custom airgunsmiths and modifiers.

    There is ample room to improve the line, especially with the advent of the Discovery; and Crosman can count on users and tinkerers to take the company into the next century.


  4. Ernie the Eyeball says:

    I have been shooting Crosman Pistols since the 70′s and its been a real pleasure. Although I own Olympic Match Pistol, nothing beats the fun of setting up some plastic toy soldiers or some cans and seeing them fly off a log. I’m really looking forward to having the NEW Challenger PCP and seeing what it does on a 10 course at the Boy Scout Range. Thanks Crosman! You just keep on building these pistols and Rifles. I’ll just keep on shooting them!

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