Field Target Shooting: PT 1


Airgunning is more than just plinking cans in your backyard
or removing the squirrel from your bird feeder. There is a whole world of
shooting beyond your everyday that is growing across the country. Field Target shooting is quickly
becoming one of the most exciting shooting competitions for airgunners of all
ability levels.

Field Target shooting is a hunting simulation that uses
silhouette targets in the shape of small game and other common airgun targets. Competitors aim to shoot the small
“kill zone” in the center of a larger metal faceplate. On most competition targets, the hit
zone forms the end of a short lever that tips the faceplate backwards when
successfully hit. These targets have to be reset by tugging on a length of cord
attached to the faceplate above the hinge. The “kill zone” can be as large 2 inches or as
small as 3/4 of an inch, to allow the game to grow with the experience of the


Targets are placed in lanes with up to 3 targets set at
random distances from 10 yards out to a maximum of 50 yards. Course’s often set the targets in
environments representative of their natural habitat. Many courses are laid out
so that some of the birds may be up in trees, rabbits hiding in bushes, and
squirrels feeding in the clearing across a streambed. As long as the “kill
zone” is totally visible from the shooting position targets can be placed


Each time a target falls the shooter gets a point, points
are only awarded for a shot in the kill zone. The shooter gets two shots at
each target. Shooters can fire from any position; the most popular is a sitting
position, although many competitions do require some station be shot from
either kneeling or standing positions. Shooters go through the course in
threes. One shoots, one scores and the last resets the targets.

Field Target shooting is one of the fastest growing
competive airgun shooting events. It is a great event for shooters of any age
or ability levels and organized events are popping up all over the country.
Look for a club near you or start your own.

To learn more about the Field Target shooting at the
American Airgun Field Target Association website…

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