IHMSA Approves Silhouette PCP Pistol

Announced at the 2011 S.H.O.T. Show, the new Silhouette PCP Pistol gained approval from the International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association® (IHMSA) for use in their Airgun Production categories.  To gain approval, the Silhouette had to meet weight and barrel length limits, and provide for a variety of iron sight options.  Lastly, the MSRP could not exceed $375.00.

“The infinitely adjustable front sight addressed the most popular request for the pistol and adding the precision trigger group of our Marauder hunting pistol has made this a truly elite class competition pistol,” said Terry Neumaster, Crosman Product Manager.

Also referred to by its model number, the 1701P was recently reviewed by Steve Schinnis, operator of the airgun enthusiast’s Yellow Forum:

The pistol features a fill gauge that easily displays the present pressure inside the gun. This is especially nice when you put the pistol down between shooting sessions. No guessing how many shots are left.

The tested pistol,  in the neighborhood of 450 fps shooting 7.9 grain pellets,  delivered 55 shots with less than an 18 fps spread. The small spread would certainly translate to better accuracy over the entire string.

The bolt handle on the pistol comes located on the left.  This is to aid right-handed shooters with reloading a pellet without losing their  grip. I prefer bolts on any gun on the right, so if you are like me you will be happy with  the intelligent design of this pistol, to switch sides is a five minute easy affair, anyone can do it. (*Ed. note: Crosman recommends owners take their 1701P to a Crosman service center for this)

Removing the grips exposes the trigger weight adjuster to suit your taste. Clockwise increases trigger weight and the other way lessens it.  This brings me to the trigger of this pistol. It is a far cry from its predecessor 1700P , no aftermarket parts or work is needed on your part. The trigger is a perfect two-stage crisp , well defined and adjustable to your heart’s content. The Rekord trigger has nothing on this unit.

For this particular test, I set it 1 to 1.5 lbs and I can go a lot lower if I chose to. Everything is explained in the very well written manual.

Every PCP airgunner, in my opinion, can only realize the best out of their equipment by owning and using a chronograph. A chronograph will help you fine tune the gun and determine its sweet fill pressure. I found the sweet spot for this test gun to be 2900 PSI.

I have no clue how Crosman squeezes 55 shots out of that little tube with such little 18 fps spread variation.  The kicker is, if you were willing to live with 30 fps spread, you can get 80 shots out of one fill. Excellent. Why? I dont think a 30 fps spread will make a difference at the distance this pistol is intended to be shot.

Target Pistols and especially PCP target pistols with a large capacity of shots per fill, can be very pricey.

The reasons are obvious, better trigger units, expensive quality barrels, ergonomic design and pinpoint accuracy demand a higher than average price.  Crosman seems to have defied conventional wisdom on price. Without conceding anything to their competitors, they found the golden cut between performance, quality and price making the 1701P available to the masses.

As I said in earlier reviews Crosman is listening to its customers, when we complained about the 1700 trigger, they went all the way and here it is. On top of the great price and quality, you have the unbeatable Crosman warranty which makes this pistol a great addition to any airgun addict’s arsenal.

You will find yourself blissfully in the back yard this coming summer with a soft drink in one hand, the pistol in the other and a bunch of silhouettes sitting scared on a 2×4 in front of you.



  1. Carl Quick says:

    Only thing I am waiting on is for them to become available. A very good gun just became a great gun with the changes.


  2. Kim Campbell says:

    I have already left my email to contact me when the are instock again.
    I want one, I want one, I want one. I know that must sound childish, but I am 50 this year, and I know a good package when I see one.
    I heard that Crosman is considering some modification on the Maurader, to make it available in Canada.
    Thanks Kim

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