Benjamin On Television

Hunting season is fast approaching and with that are new episodes of your favorite outdoor television shows!  This year, Benjamin is a part of it and we’ll keep you in the loop so you can catch each and every episode.

All times EST.  Times subject to change without prior notice.

The Season with Justin Martin, The Outdoor Channel:  7/26 @ 12pm, 7/30 @ 7:30pm, 7/31 @2am

Beyond The Hunt with Rick and Julie, The Outdoor Channel: 7/4 @ 8:30am, 7/7 @ 3pm and 8pm

Ted Nugent’s Spirit of the Wild, The Outdoor Channel: 7/5 @ 3:30pm and 8:30pm, 7/9 @ 12am

The 4CE with Jim Brunworth, The Outdoor Channel: 7/18 @ 5:30am, 7/21 @7pm, 7/22 @ 1:30am and 5:30am

The Management Advantage with Chuck Sykes, The Outdoor Channel: 7/13 @ 6am, 7/14 @ 12pm, 7/16 @ 6:30pm

Down The Road with Rick Rhoads, Sportsman Channel:  7/25 @ 8am, 7/28 @ 11am, 7/31 @ 7pm

Huntin The Backwoods, Sportsman Channel: 7/19 @ 5pm, 7/22 @ 9pm, 7/24 @ 1am


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