Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk: Customer Review

AJ “JrSquirreler” Stewart is back with a review of the Nitro Venom Dusk.

The Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk is a very unique air rifle. This air rifle is lightweight, accurate, quiet, and on top of that, it has Crosman’s Nitro Piston technology. The Nitro Venom is great for plinking, all the way up to small game hunting.

When I got the Nitro Venom out of the box, I quickly realized the lightweight design. (6.6 lbs.) The Nitro Venom has a newly designed beaver tail stock  to promote the Artillery Hold.  This method of supporting the rifle, as demonstrated in the photo above, is popular among spring gun shooters who believe placing it flat on the hand rather than gripping it leads to more accuracy.  As you can see in the targets below, I’m a believer.

Another great feature is the Weaver Rail. It makes mounting a scope easier, and the shooter does not have to worry about the scope sliding. The 3-9×32 CenterPoint scope included is very nice. However, the scope has a fixed parallax. For an Adjustable Parallax (AO) you may want to take a look at the Center Point 3-9×40 Center Point scope. This air rifle is very quiet due to the Nitro Piston technology, and the fluted muzzle break.

The accuracy on the Nitro Venom Dusk is phenomenal. When using the Venom, you may want to steer towards the Premier line of Crosman pellets, preferably the Heavy Ultra Magnums or the Premier Hollow Points. Using the Crosman Heavy Ultra Magnum pellets, I shot about a ½” group at 20 Yards, and 2” group at 45 Yards! Great for competitions!

The power also suits the need for Small Game Hunting. The Nitro Venom Dusk shoots about 1200fps (15FPE) from the muzzle. That is enough for Rabbit hunting up to about 50 yards! Squirrels do not stand a chance against this air rifle! I have a chipmunk problem, and I took one from 47 yards, lung shot! It definitely packs a punch for Pest Control/ Hunting.

In conclusion, the Crosman Venom is an excellent rifle for all shooting needs. It has stunning accuracy, great power, and is almost silent! The Venom is lightweight, and perfect for teens and adults looking for a bang for their buck. I definitely recommend this air rifle to just about anyone.

Performance at 20 yards:

Performance at 45 yards:



  1. Eandw says:

    Not sure where it’s made, but if it’s in China, I will not buy it.  We should all refuse to buy import products, especially from Asian countries that make it almost impossible to sell our North American products.  Let’s buy American made products and put North Americans back on the payroll.  

    • Steve Sanderson says:

      As well as Gamo it is made in china. I tried one, and after the linkage bent, and when you broke the barrel it would hit the composite, to the point where pieces started falling off. On the reccomendation of the online retailer I deal with, it was suggested I try thr NPSS American made Remington, and folk if you pay the extra money and buy one, you will be totally satisifed. With the exception of the trigger, you will need to get a GRB trigger from charlie da tuna. I have sighted this in at 225′ use 8.8 grain pellets, grouping inside a 2 inch bullseye.

  2. Goodknighthunter says:

    I guess I’m the luckiest dude on on the planet I’ve shot Beeman, Benjamin, Gamo, Daisy & Crosman multi pumps, this is my first Nitro piston and If rhis is a cheap Gun everyAirgun In the world is cheap I looked it over before I short her thought seems well built I wanted the blacked out synthetic stock this gun is great not anything 300 rounds oiled once and a few round later it was back to dead on at 45 yards keeping it in a quarter now I do weight my pellets because they do very every tin from 7.2-7.6 Daisys, 8.2-8.8 Beemans, 7.6-8.1 Crosmans every tin needs to be weight to keep groups close & a few out of every weight needs 4-5 to zero scope then as with all good guns they patern and this one never has had a flier yet! Knock on wood. Great gun cocks like a dream andquiet as claimed I guess I got the only good one ever made listening to most these folk must not know how to use an air rifle I’m 55 started out with a red ryder taken care of it it still shoots27

  3. mark minear says:

    I have many airguns some good some not.,I’ve also found price has no bearing on performance. The Venom .22 is every bit a performer.I guess I could pick it apart ,but the fact remains it hits the target and hits it hard.

  4. w.j.carroll says:

    crosman nitro is a great rifle for the price. i have the 22. 200 pellets to break it in. hitting cans at 50 yards. great hunting rifle. put a bsa 2-7×32 ao scope on the rifle. very accurate. i was very surprised it was so quiet. would recommend this rifle. crosman has a winner. first big one since the 600 repeater. WC.

  5. Mickey says:

    Is the trigger adjustable?

  6. Den says:

    Was this review for the .177 or .22 cal.?

    • chunnicutt says:


      • Tyler says:

        I saw this and had to answer. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY the 1200 fps was with the NVD. 22. The .22 will shoot around 850 fps. The .177 will shoot around 1200 fps. But it all boils down to the ammo you use.

  7. dj sheehan says:

    is the trigger on the .22 same as the .177 ? like the rifle but hate the trigger !

  8. Bob Apichell says:


    I am a back yard plinker/squirrel/rabbit shooter with a maximum of 25-35 yards to my back privacy fence which is great for my scoped 1177 and 2260SE. Got a problem with groundhogs living under my shed which I would like to get a humane head shot on when they come out. I have narrowed my choices to:

    Benjamin Trail Nitro .22.
    Crossman Nitro Venom Dusk .22.
    Benjamin NP Limited edition .22.
    At 62 I don’t want the heavier XL versions that are heavier and harder to cock

    Please advise which would be best regarding accuracy and Ft lb. of knockdown power for an assured kill. I don’t want one injured then dieing under the shed. I prefer a standard stock over the thumb hole stock but will select either based on your educated suggestion. I have a center point 3-9×40 A0 scope if needed.

    Thank you very much for your input,


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