JrSquirreler On The 1377

This is a guest post by AJ “JrSquirreler” Stewart, a 14 year old airgun enthusiast.

The Crosman 1377c is a great pistol. It is extremely accurate and a great time. This pistol is great for plinking, and small pest control. I have never had such an accurate air pistol in my possession.

When I got the 1377c out of the box, the first thing I realized was the plastic, pump and grip. I really admired the Bolt action lever, sights, and overall feel of the gun. One downside to this air pistol is the pumping is a little difficult. The noise was also kind of loud for a pistol. Other than that, I was extremely happy so far with my purchase.

After reading all of the online reviews, I was almost obligated to purchase it. Along with the 1377c, I also purchased a shoulder stock and scope mounts.  When the 1377c finally arrived, I got it out of the boxed, cleaned off the factory oil, and went out to shoot. To start off with, I tried to shoot it with the pistol grip at 10 yards. I could not hit the broad side of a barn! (I was never the best pistol shooter) So I then went inside and put on the easily attachable shoulder stock, and mounted a Centerpoint scope. Boy did that step up the accuracy. In fact, at 10 yards I hit 5/8” grouping! (With a rest of course) Since 10 yards was not a problem at all, I then decided to step it back to 24 Yards. I was then hitting consistent ½” groups. Almost better than my Nitro Venom Dusk .177!

One reason why many people adore this air pistol is because there are so many modifications you can make. For example, I added the shoulder stock and scope mounts. That is not even close to what is available. You can find a longer barrel, steel breech, trigger shoe, muzzle break, and much, much more!

If you are looking for a small game hunting air gun, this may not be the pistol for you. Since it only shoots about 600 FPS (8FPE) there is just not enough power for ethical kills on game larger than a chipmunk. If you are looking just to do some small pest control you should consider this gun.

In conclusion, this air pistol is nice for beginner shooters, all the way up to the most experienced shooters. It is accurate, lightweight, and overall just a great time. I have had hands on “experience” with this pistol, and I would %100 recommend it to any shooter.




  1. Gerry says:

    I agree. I bought my 1377c to stop the squirrels from robbing our cherry tree. A well placed shot with the 7.9g Destroyers drops them every time. After feeling comfortable at short range I also added the shoulder stock and a 4×32 scope and wow what it can do now. This is a real winner in my book.

  2. Bfitch1 says:

    The 1377 is One of the best values in the air gun arena. I have always felt that many Crosman air guns were severly underrated. This $50.00 pistol always amazes me. After a few necessary upgrages It will give my 10m pistol a run for it’s money… Obviously not a replacement but at $1300.00 less, puts things in perspective. I own 5 of them.

  3. Jburdine says:

    As long as you keep the range under 30 yards, 8 foot pounds will do the job on squirrels and rabbit. I would like Crosman to put out a pistol in the 1377 size in a multi pump pneumatic format that gave an honest 600 fps in .22  with a 14 grain pellet or 700 in .177 with an 8 grain pellet. That would be a good foraging pistol for packing and take care of most camp chores.  

  4. Gunlover2004 says:

    You sound like your well on your way to becoming a gun affectionado. Respect your guns,Clean your guns and always stick to your guns and youll go far in life. My fond memories of the 1377 go back to when I was 13. back then it didnt have an exposed bolt but the bolt face was magnetized so you could shoot pigeons in your barn or rats in your hay bails with BB’s.  Pellets are expensive !  I wish they would offer a magnetized bolt for the new 1377 so it wasnt pellet only! Its the only reason I wont buy a new one.

  5. Adam Hargrave says:

    I must have gotten a totally different pistol than all of you.  The 1377 I have doesn’t penetrate anything, including empty soda bottles at 30 feet, let alone 30 yards.  And that’s at 10 pumps.  I just bought it a few weeks ago and I have to say overall, I am very dissapointed with it.

    • Steve says:

      I would return it, because the 1377 is most definitely a powerful pistol.  There is obviously something wrong with it.  I use to own one and I could shoot through galvanized steel trash cans with BBs.

      • RE: Steve says:

        I wouldn’t shoot steel bbs out of a 1377; it would damage your rifling.

        • Sean says:

          These will shoot bb’s just fine why would it ruin your rifling. The first two generations came with a magnet on the bolt so that you can shoot bb’s. They just decided to take that option off of the newest generation of the gun. I have both the first generation and the newest and i perfer the first gen due to the fact that you do have that option and can shoot both of them.

  6. Steve says:

    Very well written, AJ.  I’ve met college grads who can barely string a sentence together.  Your review was very detailed, yet concise.  Nice job.

  7. Experienced Airgunner says:

    How can you not hit the broad side of a barn at 30 feet?

  8. mr1000fps says:

    my dad bought me the 1377 in the 1980′s. it was my second gun. i dropped more game with that gun than any of my friends. that gun is super accurate with the iron sites

  9. Bob says:

    I bought the 1377 last week as I have been wanting one for years, what a great gun and yes it plinks a can. I ordered the stock and thinking about the scope and mounts next. Luckily I live in a unicorporated area where air guns are legal to shoot in the backyard a good subsitute for rimfire and centerfire weapons. Also been stocking up on pellets as the government seems incline to ban lead one day and the subsitute is going to cost more the the $1.99 I pay for Daisy pellets.

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