Registration Opens For Crosman Field Target Event

The Northeast Field Target Championship hosted by Crosman is back for it’s third year and registration has opened.  The event is July 6-8 on the campus of Crosman Corporation in Bloomfield, New York.

“This is a unique event for field target in that it is conducted right here on the grounds of Crosman. We have a factory tour, product demos, and plenty of staff to answer questions and simply talk airguns”, said Mark DeBoard, Shooting Services Manager for Crosman.

The course involves two rounds of sixty shots each spread across thirty lanes. Participants shoot their first round on fifteen lanes on Saturday morning and the second round is Sunday morning. There’s a pistol match on Saturday afternoon and Friday is a full day of sighting in, socializing, factory tour and the exciting Quigley Bucket Challenge in which shooters take five shots at a 1.75″ bucket placed at 55 yards. The event is based on the Tom Selleck film “Quigley Down Under” in which Selleck’s character proves his shooting ability by hitting a bucket at an estimated 550 yards with his Sharps rifle.

The NRFTC attracts participants from across the country. Amateurs are welcome too so if you’re just “kicking the tires” of field target competition, there is a Single Day option available.

The match fee is $50 through June 1, after which it increases to $60. The pistol match is free to rifle match competitors and $25 for those shooting pistol only. Single Day entries are $25. Bringing a non-competing guest? For $10 we’ll feed them lunch too.

For more information including rules, lodging and an option to register online, visit the NRFTC page.


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