Crosman Marks 90 Years Of Delivering Shooting Fun

ROCHESTER, New York, (January 1, 2013) – This year, Crosman Corporation celebrates 90 years of creating quality, innovative products for generations of shooting sports enthusiasts.  Long known for introducing advancements in technology for airguns, airsoft and optics products that add fun to shooting, Crosman has grown into one of the largest suppliers of products for shooting sports in the world. Today, with 300 employees and an international sales network that reaches around the globe, the Crosman 90-year mission hasn’t changed.

According to Crosman President and CEO, Phil Dolci, “Our founder was an avid outdoorsman and technically savvy for his time.  He believed that good design grew out of knowing what people want.  We still believe that the right product for the right consumer will be successful, and we have proven that for 90 years.  We also know that being at the leading edge of technology is key. I’m proud of our record and look forward to the next 90 with equal confidence,” he said.Over the years, Crosman has created many innovative products that answered the demands of the marketplace. Here are a few.

1923       Crosman Brothers Company produces airgun pellets
1924       First pneumatic pump airgun debuts, revolutionizing “power without powder”
1931       Crosman CO2 guns showcased at National Camp Perry Matches
1966       Model 760 Pumpmaster air rifle introduced, becoming the most enduring airgun model in history, more than 16 million sold
1991       RepeatAir CO2 powered, semi-automatic pistol introduced
1995       Crosman designs and manufactures first US made break barrel air rifle
2008       Benjamin Discovery debuts as industry’s first affordable pre-charged pneumatic air rifle
2009       CenterPoint Division established providing feature-rich shooting optics
2010       Nitro Piston break barrel technology introduced, reducing shot noise by 70%
2011       Benjamin Rogue .357 unveiled as first Crosman large caliber hunting air rifle
2012       Crosman Undead Apocalypse Airsoft brand established to fan flames of zombie craze
2013       Crosman marks its first 90-years of shooting fun.

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