Ray Apelles Reveals Modified 1720T For Field Target

Ray Apelles and introduced a heavily modified Crosman 1720T at the 2013 Northeast Regional Field Target Championship. “I needed a backup gun that was compact enough not to incur airline travel fees”, said Apelles as he goes over the features of the gun.

The 1720T is pistol built for competition shooting. Ray extended the barrel, shroud and air reservoir four inches and dropped it into a Challenger stock to accomodate a knee rest and forward weight. “Others will be putting their guns together and having to resight them while I can simply pull my gun out, fill it and go shoot.”

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  1. Bob McIntosh says:

    From what I saw of the gun and watching others shoot it I was impressed. Not sure how it did at 55 yds but it looked like it could also fit into another PCP for kids with the challenger stock features

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