July Photo Contest Winners



Bill Cardill of Pennsylvania has won our July photo contest with the photo above.  ”In our yard during target practicing with airguns, we shoot at anything we can think of,” wrote Cardill. “Love the 2100 Classic and the 1377. As smooth shooting as a precharged pneumatic. In fact, we call it a ‘PER’ charge pneumatic. Both guns remind me of quality from years ago that is still available now.”

Bill won a $50 coupon for Crosman.com and you can win too. Just follow here or on Twitter to learn when the next contest starts.

Honorable Mentions



  1. Elmer M. Ivie says:

    Congratulations Bill

    • B. Cardill says:

      Great to see companies sponsering things like this.
      Great pictures, I recognize one picture is entered from ‘Sarge’ Suchman from this season’s American Airgunner.

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