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  1. Don Harris says:

    I have a C-31 serial #starting with 11L. It seals 1out of 4 CO 2 cartridges. I called and your rep told me to put a drop of oil on it. The gun is worthless. I’d like it replaced. EVERY time I try to use it I can’t get it to work, since was new.

    • chunnicutt says:

      Give us a call back at 800-7AIRGUN. If our suggestion doesn’t do the trick let’s see what options there may be for you.

  2. Rick Stratton says:

    Im planning to buy a new Benjamin 392. However,there seems to be an issue with paint overspray in the end of the barrel on these,which affects accuracy. I’m reading on some airgun forums that a fix for this is the owner cleaning out the paint with q-tips and a solvent.Will doing that void the warranty on a new gun?

  3. marcel debord says:

    Just purchased a 1322, my first pellet gun. I am a high power rifle and pistol user and am venturing into my first pellet gun. I’ve been reading about some of the modifications that are performed on this platform and am interested in doing some of the same. Can you give me some suggeations? Would like to increase velocity and accuracy and utilize the backpacker forearm, do you have a part number for it? Any assistance would be helpful.


  4. Alex says:

    I’m looking for a seal kit for a crossman 130. And a seal kit for a crossman 1600 and a BB follower tab. PN. 577A032. Can you send me some information on the prices and how can I order these parts. Thanks

  5. Jacobo corona says:

    Hi! Do you have a store in México city?

  6. Bud Holley says:

    Inherited from my Dad, I have a Model 150, .22 Cal Crossman Pellgun. It is in serious need of O-Ring replacements. Parts are called out on the original data sheet as P/N 150-33 (Bolt O-Ring) and P/N 150-28 (O-Ring); one of each. Also, I have only one remaining CO2 Powerlet and need another couple boxes….. Please recommend a source? Thank You….. Bud

  7. Jeff Delana says:

    I just received my purchase from you all the first gun I got from this compamy was a benjermann 177 trail xl and it was accurate and had lots of killing powenalso I paid over 300 dollors for it its was a excellent gunn accurate and I really liked the long distance accurtacy and killing pwen but the last time I the stock split and the gun stalk and the barrl and between thisrecent purchase and the one that just broke I would love to have some help thankso

  8. Ron Boivin Unity Maine says:

    I have a 66 powermaster, the darn thing never wants to reload, very frusterated as at times I have to try and reload another BB 8 times before i can get a bb in the chamber. HELP !!!!!!! besides that the thing shoots very good.

  9. Mark says:

    The O-ring sealing the main valve is leaking slowly. I’ve taken it apart, cleaned, and put silcone grease to reassemble, but it still appears to be leaking. Is there a rebuild kit to purchase, or should I send to someone to service?

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