Shot Show 09: PCP Challenger

With out a doubt the Benjamin Marauder PCP air rifle is generating a lot of buzz and excitement coming out of this year’s Shot Show. But it is not the only PCP gun we came out with at this years show. The PCP Challenger 2009 three-position rifle.

In developing this gun we went right to the source to get the best information, professional shooters. Ray and Hans Apelles are world-class field target shooters and they helped us field test the prototype. This gun was field tested over the course of many shoots and range sessions and the feedback we received really helped shape this rifle.


details of the new PCP Challenger 2009

details of the new PCP Challenger 2009

 This is gun builds on our classic Challenger 2000 and combines it with the best of our PCP technology from the Discovery and Marauder rifles. The PCP Challenger retains the stock from the original rifle. This stock allows for adjustment to the butt pad as well as the height of the comb. This allows shooters to adjust the length of pull. The stock also features an accessory rail.


details of the new PCP Challenger air rifle

details of the new PCP Challenger air rifle


The new challenger features a fully adjustable, match grade trigger. The individual shooter can adjust length of pull, seer engagement and trigger weight. The breech has also been completely redesigned to the loading port is farther forward to accommodate a new ambidextrous PCP bolt action. The breech redesign also allows for more eye relief adjustment. The rear diopter sight can be adjusted for all three shooting positions. The new breech also made it possible to incorporate a floating choked Lothar Walther barrel.


PCP Challenger Air Rifle

PCP Challenger Air Rifle


Because this gun is specifically designed for three-position shooting the velocity will be factory set at 530 fps for a minimum of 70 shots.

This new iteration on this classic three-position rifle is a significant step forward in both adjustability and performance. This gun will be launched in May on and everywhere in June at a retail of around $549.99 

If you have any questions about this gun and it’s performance ask away. I will be here to get you answers.

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  1. Ric Grassmick says:

    Looks to be an excellent gun Josh. Will the power level be capable of being turnedup high enough to use it in Field Target shooting, like the Apelles boys have been over the last few months. I’m really excited about getting a reasonabley priced, American-made PCP competition rifle, Thanks, Crosman!

  2. Tim Schneider says:

    How does this rifle compare to the Avanti Models of air rifles? Specifically will this rifle shoot as well as the Avanti Model 887 for my son (NJROTC rifle team)? I am particularly interested in the PCP feature for practice at home and ability to charge off an air cylinder.

  3. Matthew Schwartzkopf says:

    Joshua, does the Challenger meet ISSF measurement standards? in other words could the Challenger be used in a ISSF 10 meter Air Rifle Match?

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