Gun Week Reviews 1700P PCP Silhouette Pistol

Steve Ware reviews the Crosman 1700P, the company’s debut PCP pistol specifically for silhouette and target competitions.  With a top-end velocity of 450 fps and 88 years of gun-making experience behind it, the 1700P proudly features a German-made Lothar Walther™ precision barrel ideal for match competition.

What really convinced me that this is an excellent pistol was the fact that I took five shots at our 1/20th scale pigs that we use for shoot-off targets to break ties. They are set at the ram distance of 18 yards. The pig is about the size of one of your fingernails and not all that easy to see with older eyes. I hit four of five of the little critters, and all four hits were in the same place, just right of center. That told me that I needed a click or two of left windage to really dial the pistol in.

If you’re in the market for the hottest pistol in competitive shooting, be sure to check out the 1700P from Crosman. We’ve made sure it meets all the requirements for both the International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association (IHMSA) and National Rifle Association (NRA) competitions.

All in all, Crosman has produced a PCP pistol that is affordable, extremely accurate, and easily tunable to the needs of any shooter demanding superior accuracy. Additionally, it is at least two thirds the price of the next lowest PCP pistol that I could find on the web. I am so convinced that this is an excellent pistol that I have purchased a used scuba tank and have a DIN to Foster valve adaptor on order.

Read Steve’s full review here, but don’t wait, it will only be up for a couple of weeks.  Once it’s gone, get the gun and Take It Outside!

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