Marauder Pistol Sinks Snake

Thanks to Jim Hirsch of Texas for sending in this great tale of a recent adventure in his neighborhood.

Living near a small lake in urban gated community in North Central Texas it’s not unusual to see many different types of critters when venturing near the water. Last fall I began to notice frequent visits by some rather large cottonmouth snakes that would lie in the tall grass below a bridge that spans a shallow inlet at the far side of the lake.

I never observed these snakes to be particularly aggressive but was concerned for the safety of neighborhood kids that frequently play in the vicinity. It was in December that I picked up a Benjamin Marauder PCP Pistol and was immediately impressed with it’s power, accuracy and quiet operation. I began to pack it with me when fishing down at the lake on the off chance it could be put to good use. I didn’t really expect to see many snakes at that time of the year but we had a real warm spell that surprised my expectations.

As I was walking over the wooden bridge I glanced down below and saw the largest cottonmouth I had ever observed swimming slowly with only his head above the water at about 10 yards. I racked a Crosman Premier 14.3 gr domed into the breach of the P-rod and placed the cross hairs of the scope squarely on the back of his head. A smooth squeeze of the trigger was followed by the thud of the pellet dead on target. The snake did a slow roll onto his back and sank into the shallows of his watery grave.

I used my fishing pole with a lure attached to snag the snake and drag him up onto the bank. Two more point blank shots to the head for unnecessary insurance and I was off to the house to retrieve my camera. After showing the cottonmouth to a few neighbors I tossed it in a box and put it on the curb for garbage pickup. I got a good laugh when the garbage man picked up the open box and immediately threw it to the ground muttering something about my mother.

Benjamin and Crosman Corporation remind you to be mindful of local, state and federal regulations when pursuing wild game with an airgun.

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