Upham Takes Fox With Marauder

Prostaffer Steve Upham was enjoying an uneventful Sunday morning when his son called him over to the window: skirting the yard was a red fox.

His son grabbed a video camera and Steve began squeaking at the fox, getting it within ten yards of the house. Never one to let a hunting opportunity go to waste, Steve grabbed his winter camo and boots and darted out the door, Benjamin Marauder .22 in hand.

“For all the folks out there that have killed just about every animal with just about every weapon, some might ask, ‘what is the next challenge?’” Upham explains. “I can answer that with a single line: find yourself a cold and nasty winter day and go predator hunting with a high powered airgun.”  The .22 caliber Marauder is his weapon of choice for several reasons, beginning with the 10-shot magazine that provides for follow-up shots if needed and a shrouded barrel, “this gun is more quiet than a bow.”

A hundred yards into the woods behind the house he spotted the fox sneaking through the pines. “He was fifty yards out and as he started coming in, I went to one knee.  He never saw me and I dropped him at 18 yards,” said Upham.  ”When the crosshairs of the CenterPoint 3-12×44 scope rested on his ear, I squeezed the trigger.  He immediately dropped out of sight and with no movement I knew he was down for good.  One of the great things about hunting with an airgun is there is no recoil. You can watch the pellet hit the target through the scope and it feels like watching it on TV.”

If you live in an area where you do not feel comfortable using a firearm, or just looking for a great challenge, get yourself a high powered airgun.  Then head out for predators during the hottest time of the year: the deep of winter.

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