Easter Woodchucks

Airguns have long been a great introduction to the shooting sports and the current lineup from Benjamin are helping to develop tomorrow’s hunters.

Over the weekend, 12-year old Cal Upham ventured into the outdoors with a Marauder Pistol looking for woodchucks. “I’ve been shooting since I was seven,” said Cal. “My Dad first took me hunting with him when I was four.  I started hunting three or four years ago.”  Cal loves to pursue deer but nothing beats the year-round access to the woods that comes with airgun hunting.

Over Easter weekend, Cal and his brother and father once again hit the woods.  With Dad carrying a Marauder .25, brother with a Discovery .22, Cal was ready for action with the Marauder Pistol.  ”The first ‘chuck came out in front of us and he fell right where I shot him,” explained Cal.  Not longer after, the second woodchuck appeared and was dispatched with a single shot from the .22 caliber pistol.

For kids interested in getting into hunting, Cal reminds them it’s not like playing a video game. “You have to be a patient. It may take a while for something to show up. A woodchuck may go down a hole.  They’ll be back.  Be patient and don’t give up,” he suggests.

Whether you’re hunting or just out doing some plinking, Cal offers a safety reminder: “With the Marauder, because it is a multi-shot and is easy to load another pellet quickly after shooting, it is important to remember to put the safety on after the shot.”

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  1. Dave Smith says:

    Way to go little buddy- Congrats to ya.Keep on a hunt’in your doing great……Hats off to your Dad for getting you boys into a sport of a lifetime…….

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