Spring Is Best Time For Chucks

Prostaff report from Steve Upham

I love to hunt woodchucks in April/May, especially with a strong breeze, when  their keen senses are somewhat hindered.

After a long winter locked down in their dens, these pesky critters take to the field edges in search for the new fresh spring grass.  This big adult female had a mouth full of grass when I caught her escaping back to its hole.   I hustled over to some cover on the downwind side and waited at 25 yards with my pistol on my shoulder.  Just two minutes later, she came back out and I introduced her to my new Marauder .22 pistol.  I have this one set up with a CenterPoint 3-12×44 scope and a Benjamin #1399 takedown stock.  With Crosman Premier doomed pellets, this setup gives me incredible accurate shooting out to 75 yards.

These rodents do incredible damage to  the edges of farmer’s fields and are a serious danger to livestock and farmers legs.  This local farmer has a deal set up with me that is a win/win for both of us.  For every chuck I take off his property, he gives me a free dozen corn from his road side stand.  Let’s just say I am looking forward to late July to cash in on this first dozen ears.

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