Cat And The Hat

Crosman friend Terry Tate of east Texas checked in to report of this bobcat he recently shot on his ranch.  Terry has been featured on Benjamin Hunting before and while his hat gets a lot attention, it’s his shooting that is proving the Benjamin Marauder .25 as an exciting tool for varmint control and small game hunting.

It was 58 degrees this morning (May 15) and I knew things would be stirring but I didn’t expect what I saw at the creek. I was looking at my hog trap and I saw something move around 70 yards out in the woods.  The cat didn’t know I was anywhere around then I saw it coming up a trail by the creek and I had the ready to shoot when he got into range. I was braced on a tree when it stopped to scratch the ground like he was marking territory.  That’s when I shot.  My rangefinder said 43 yards.  I hit it in the shoulder, it was a complete pass-through

Being at the right place at the right time, that’s what it takes.

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