Big Chuck Down

A special guest post from JD

It was gonna be an early start Saturday morning for me provided that Mother Nature was on her best behavior.  But it was ok either way if she wasn’t cuz I thought of everythang!  Read all the magazines (Chasing Big Chucks, Chuckmasters, Real Chuckin, Chuckin on a Budget, DIY Chucks), stands and camera’s were in perfect position for uh southeast wind (Few camera shots attached).  All my clothes had been washed and stowed in scent free bags from my socks all the way to ya undies.  Ya know….like when your deer hunting.  Muck boots eagerly waiting by the door.  I’m ready to go, it’s here, the time is now.  This year is all about the Hawg!

Anyway, It was getting late Friday night and I  was so excited that the time was here and I could hardly sleep.  Wired up, kinda like uh 15 year old boy after his first kiss.  Tingly feeling!

I had already seen him several days earlier grazing early to mid morning and again in the evenings.  I would sit up in my house and glass for hours….I’d say probably 60 yards or so…..spotting scope and all trying to get an age, was he old enough or should I let him walk, where he’s coming out, going back in, bedding areas.  Anywho, bout fifteen minutes before my alarm went off I woke up, jumped out of bed and went outside to check the weather….kinda like ya do when your turkey hunting, should I go, shouldn’t I go….those type scenarios running through my head.  Then I start second guessing myself, have I made the right decision or not.  Was this morning, THE morning??? Ya never know.   Surprisingly it was really cold, bout 65-70 degrees so I decided to let it warm up a bit and then go out around mid morning.   Let the dew dry!  They seem to move better when the grass isn’t real wet.

After deciding to go back to bed I woke up a few hours later and looked out the window, still laying in the bed.  There he is!  Bout to be ON nah!  It’s time for this HAWG to drink the .25 Cal Marauder KOOL-AID!  Served up with a 4/16/56mm Centerpoint scope.  I slipped out the door and up behind a pine tree, now I gotta wait till he gets turned and hope the wind don’t shift.  It was a strong wind, bout 4-5 mph straight up in my face.  Here we go!  I laid down, propped up and waited for him to turn.  Kinda like when you have that big buck in your sights, heart’s racing, knees shaking.  Notha good feeling!  Few moments later he turned and was facing me so I laid the crosshairs between his eyes and squeezed the trigger.  Lights out!  BCD!  For those of you who don’t know what that means I’ll explain…..BIG CHUCK DOWN!

That’s my story….What’s yours?

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  1. Amazing shot, congratulations!

  2. Scott Meno says:

    ok…so im pretty sure this is supossed to be somewhat comical…but i really do take all hunting that seriously =)

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