Trophy Bushytails With Doug Trumpowsky

Doug Trumpowsky is back with a report on his first squirrel hunt with the Marauder PCP air rifle.  He’s had much success with his break barrel guns as reported here and here, so we’re anxious to see how the .25 caliber M-rod ups his game.

Last spring I bought a Benjamin Marauder in .25 caliber and topped it off with a scope from CenterPoint Power Class series in 3 – 12 x 44mm (Model# CP312AOC).  I am shooting the Benjamin Domed Pellets with a velocity of 835 fps. With this setup I am shooting 1 ¼ “groups at 50 yards. When I first started shooting the Marauder I had it out at the gun club I belong to, it got a lot of attention, even out-shooting a Ruger Mini-14 at 50 yards.

Last year here in New York was the first time we could use air rifles to hunt small game. I hunted a lot with the Remington NPS Break Barrel and it’s a lot of fun, so this year I want to go to the next level.

I had some time finally to take my Marauder out for the first hunt of the year. Late last year I and my son had hunted a large hilly wood lot and happened to see a black squirrel but we never got a shot off at him. I decided this year to go back to that area and see if that squirrel was still around. It was a really sunny day not a lot of wind not to hot mid 60’s and I just took my time going to the top of the wood lot. I found a nice spot to sit by some Hickory trees and a small creek. As I sat there I don’t think it was 10 minutes I saw something come out of the creek and started to climb up one of the nut trees and I had to look twice because 21 yards in front of me is that black squirrel. I had the gun up already resting on my leg and had placed my shooting stick on my left side, leaving no way to move them so I opted to use my legs as a rest. I moved the cross hairs on his head, pushed the safety to off and pressed that trigger. Well the rest is history: that squirrel didn’t know what hit him and now he is on his way to the taxidermist.

After taking the shot the woods were still active. The gun is so quiet that I shot two red squirrels back to back and everyone knows about how they bark at anything and everything. The rifle didn’t spook them one bit.

I don’t think that the .25 cal Marauder is too much gun. I always use a hollow point bullet in .22 caliber rimfire, those squirrels are tuff little animals, and when the bullet expands it will be around .250” diameter.  Another tip is to use shooting sticks and go out and shoot some field targets, because like what happened with me he came in a different direction and I had to us my legs to shoot from.

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  1. Corey says:

    Looks like a great airrifle to me. Ive used many 22 rifles to kill these things and they couldent even get the job done im glad this one does. Well have fun. Keep shooting.

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