Airguns For Serious Hunters

There’s no adventure in long range.

Hunting is about getting close.

About earning the reward.

That’s who shoots a Benjamin.

Airguns For Serious Hunters.

You remember what it was like. Shooting that old pellet gun with your best friend in the backyard, longing to go beyond the hedgerow, past the brushline and into the dark timber. Every tin can and paper target was one step closer to that adventure of a lifetime.

But that was practice.  This is The Show. This is no place for folks who don’t want to get down in the briars, wade through the swamp, or push through the mesquite. When you hunt with a Benjamin airgun the words you’ll hear are “you got THAT with an AIR gun?”

It’s time to get back to hunting.  To the adrenaline rush.  Shooting hogs at 200-some yards ain’t hunting, that’s target practice.  That’s not a story for the campfire. It’s about sneaking up on a pig with choppers sharper’n a Ginsu and can smell a bead of sweat through three layers of carbon-infused camo .  That’s who hunts with a Benjamin airgun: folks who like to HUNT.

Benjamin has a lineup of rifles that will return you to the thing you enjoy most about hunting:  the experience.  That’s the thing you see, it’s the HUNT that’s remembered and retold time and time again.  Hunting with an airgun from Benjamin will bring back those memories of why you wanted to hunt in the first place…and rekindle the fire for close pursuit adventure.

Every trophy has a story.  Benjamin Airguns is about the story of the hunt. And today those hunts include a lot more thanks to revolutionary technology from Benjamin. Break barrels powered by a high performance nitrogen-filled piston instead of a steel spring. Pneumatic airguns pressurized to 3,000psi. The ground breaking powerplants are complimented with the finest triggers, barrels and feature sets in the industry, providing you with a hunting tool that simply oozes performance and confidence.

If you want to have the most exciting story in camp, go hunting with an airgun from Benjamin.

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