Early Spring Porcupines In Wisconsin

Sam Wood is back with another story from the Wisonsin woods!

This has been a crazy year as far as the weather in Wisconsin. We have had very little snow and very mild temps. Usually we are still covered in snow and going stir crazy due to the lack of hunting seasons but not this year. This year with the temps in the high 70’s, green grass instead of snow and the trees budding so early there is an abundance of great airgun hunting opportunities. One opportunity that I really get excited about are porcupines!

The way porcupine are hunted is perfect for using an airgun and I was pumped for the chance to harvest one with my .25 caliber Benjamin Marauder and for the chance to add another critter to my growing list of airgun trophies.

The way we decided to hunt was to drive around fire lanes and logging roads of Northern Wisconsin looking for Jack Pines that had the bark chewed off (porcupines will spend the winter in Jack Pines chewing the bark). Large areas that have been chewed are easy to spot. Once a chew area has been spotted we walk around the area searching the treetops for the tree killing culprit. Most times the porcupine has moved on but we were lucky and found a large porcupine not far from the second large chew area we had searched. He was perched very high in an oak tree enjoying the buds that were emerging very early this year. After one clean shot to the head he came tumbling down and when I walked over I realized I had taken a black colored Porcupine. Although a black Porcupine is not extremly rare it is also not all that common either. Needless to say I was pretty excited and I knew this one was going on the wall. The rest of the day was spent searching many more areas but coming up empty handed.

Day two started off much the same way as the first with locating another porcupine very early and again the Marauder did its job and brought him down with one shot. With two porcupines in the bag we decided to end the trip and headed home early to clean them and enjoy a fried porcupine lunch.

Porcupines are great table fare with very tender meat and there is a strong market for the long guard hairs and the quills.

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