Early Season Squirrel Tips

Prostaffer Doug Trumpowsky has been hitting the woods in search of squirrels here in New York and offers these tips for early success success:

The best tip to offer is look for the food source. This year at least in the area I have been hunting there are very few acorns so I have been staying around the Hickory trees looks to be a good crop of Hickory nuts.

I have been just staying put, just sitting around the trees that are producing food. I have found more activity later in the day around 4:30 till dusk. With the trees full of leaves you need a good scope like the 3-12 power Center Point Scope and some binoculars. I’ll sit still until I hear the squirrels start dropping husks from eating or leaves moving in the tree tops then start glassing for them, you can usually spot them in the tree tops then take your time and put the crosshairs on your target and press that trigger slowly.

Doug likes to hunt as much of the season as possible and used the summer to get his Marauder .25 caliber for when the snow flies. “Squirrels will be easier to spot when there’s snow on the ground and fewer leaves in the trees. Unfortunately I will be too so I put this snow camo on my air rifle to give myself a little bit of an advantage.”

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