P-Rod Punks Pecan Pests

Thanks to Redd Bordelon for granting permission to reprint his post from the Adventures in Airguns forum. Notes from Redd: “The P-rod is still stock and does the job extremely well. I spent a single session at the range a couple days before to get the pellet selected for the hunt, filled her the night before to 2700 PSI and took her out the next morning to cut her loose. I am very pleased….”

Our first cool front on the Gulf Coast, a new airgun & a service call for my business halfway to my squirreling honey hole; can you guess why I woke up at 4:30 this morning?

Hunting this old chicken coop surrounded by pecan trees is almost cheating. While feeding they drop the cuttings on the tin roof which gives away their position high above in the canopy.

I arrived a bit late, maybe 15 minutes after daybreak. It mattered little. After spooking 3 treedogs upon entering my favorite spot, the action hardly wavered. Another 3 or 4 continued feeding while a different pair played tag. It was my first hunt with the new P-rod so I was a bit unsure of headshots. The first two dropped dead from a lethal dose of Kodiak Hunter HP 18 grainers. I couldn’t miss. Now it was time for headshots. Line up, squeeze, oops, I did miss and that wouldn’t be the last. After right at 45 minutes, I decided to scoop up the bodies. I picked up a clean half dozen & lost a 7th on a knockdown that wasn’t a very good hit.

I debated leaving after calling the hunt a success & being pleased with the stock P-rod’s deadly reign of terror. The day was just too nice, so I decided to walk the pecan orchard & look for cuttings instead.

I didn’t get more than 80 yards or so before a fifty yard shot presented itself. I took a supported, holdover, fling of lead & got a knockdown, but it became the second escapee of the day. Drat, I rushed that one…

After getting to the back of the property, I scanned the territory & realized that there were no less than 15 greys, scattered about the property in all directions. They weren’t just feeding, they were frolicking. I didn’t know which way to go, so I just stared in amazement until a young frolicker hopped carelessly & treed itself about 35 yards away. As it began to feed, I pulled off a slight holdover Hunter HP right to the noggin. Within 5 minutes, a second fuzzytail, climbed the same tree, ignoring his compadre taking a dirt nap right next to the trunk. Big mistake as the P-rod had that distance already mapped; lead launched. Session 2, pickup 2 was at hand. I thought about skipping work & staying the rest of the day. Life was glorious at this point. I decided to stalk the hundred yards or so, where I was seeing others play. While creeping along, I sent at least 4 greys on the ground back to the deep cover of the woods just outside of the orchard. I still had one treed, right under 40 yards. I tooted an excited bark on my call & the hider exposed herself. Bad move! The 18 grainer reached out & did a smack-down. The noise from the grounding “bonk”, awakened 2 more in the same tree. I sent 2 more lead pills in their direction and dropped both to the ground, but lost my third of the morning. This produced pickup 3 & 4 of the second session.

At this point it was about 9:30 and I figured that I might as well go to work. It was really hard to leave but my job pays for my hobby so there it is.

Overall the little otb P-rod is more than enough for 50 yard & less, squirreling. I must say that the MikeTKO extension works extremely well & does not give away your postion “AT ALL”. I will say that this is the first time that I have ever used a Crosman carbine stock and it is definitely the last. I didn’t like floating my face, in a vicinity, instead of a cheekwell placement.

Perfect weather, an extremely easy to carry, accurate rifle & squirrels galore; today was like a dream, but you know what, it wasn’t a dream. It was so real that it may be hard to beat for the rest of the season, but I’m sure gonna try…

The scorecard plays out like this:

Total Knockdowns                 13

Total Picked Up Greys          10

Total Lost                               03

Total Lead Dispensed             20

Second Shot Needed               03

Clean Misses                          04

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