Stewart On South Texas Hogs

Prostaffer Barry Stewart found some time this fall to do some hunting with the Benjamin Marauder .25 caliber air rifle.

I live on over 100 acres in Texas and have been feeding deer the usual corn, but have been having trouble wild wild hogs tearing up the feeding grounds and eating the corn intended for the deer. The hogs are out of control here… The neighboring places hunt them, but the problem with that is that the hogs will “go nocturnal” and not even come out until the wee hours of the morning if you hunt them conventionally.

Recently I excavated a dirt pond close to a windmill in a clearing here, and have got permanent water there, with thick brush all around the windmill. I started feeding the deer there as it’s the perfect setting. Hogs have thrown a kink in the plans though, by stealing all the corn and tearing up the ground where I am feeding. They will also decimate an expensive deer block within a couple of nights.

The bunches of hogs I’m seeing down here range from a few to groups of over 20.

Now with large groups, you will shoot one, and the rest will get an education, so I started setting up in the evenings in an oak thicket and using my Marauder .25 to pick off the hogs…  It works great when they come in with enough daylight to be able to pick the angle and the shot you need to place that .25 caliber pellet in their ear, thus anchoring the pig right there. The silent operation of the Marauder doesn’t seem to spook the hogs nearly as bad as a conventional firearm, and the result is that I can can expect the hogs back at the bait area the following evening to present me with another opportunity for a deadly shot.

I’m patient and watchful and have great success with this method. I like the shot to be angling downward, so I hunt standing with my shooting sticks while backed into the shadows under the oak thicket. Several times I have had hogs and deer within 15 yards of me as they are feeding. Some present a shot, and some don’t…But, the one thing that I like about hunting with the Marauder .25 is the fact that when I take the shot I want, the pig will go down right there so I can vacate it from the area. Bowhunting is silent, and effective, but when you shoot a hog with a bow, chances are that the hogs will run, you won’t find it quickly, if at all, and it will either result in destruction or total loss of expensive arrows.

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