Texas Safari With Ian Harford

The old saying, “there’s no grass under his feet”, is an apt description of Ian Harford. The latest member of the Benjamin Prostaff and the man behind Team Wild TV planned to make the most of his recent time in the U.S. and when the dust settled, the ground under his feet was tamped to a fine powder from visiting two of the largest outdoor industry tradeshows and completing a couple years’ worth of hunts in just a few days.

With a trip to the Archery Trade Association (ATA) show and the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Tradeshow (S.H.O.T. Show) scheduled, Ian opted to travel to the States early for some Texas hog hunting with specialist Joshua White of L3 Outdoors. Ian wrapped up his time with several hunts for exotic species with fellow prostaffer Terry Tate in Texas. By the end of the week Ian had etched new notches with the Rogue by taking:

  • Barbado Sheep
  • Blackbuck
  • Armadillo
  • 3-Horn Jacobs Ram
  • 4-Horn Jacobs Ram
  • Blonde Corsican Ram
  • Black Hawaiian Ram
  • Catalina Goat
  • 2 x Corsican Ram
  • Trophy Texas Dall Ram
  • Axis Deer Doe

Team Wild will be making the videos of these hunts available all year long. In the meantime, follow Ian on Twitter to keep up with his latest airgun exploits.

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