Gun Care

Like any tool, a gun must be properly maintained to ensure it works properly each and every time. The manual that is included with your Benjamin airgun provides guidelines for taking care of your break barrel or PCP gun. Good habits include:


  • Apply Crosman silicone chamber oil on the barrel o-ring every 3 months or 500 shots
  • Apply a moly graphite EP grease to the sliding bolt mechanism every 3 months or 500 shots
  • Keep all petroleum-based lubricants away from the fill nipple (VERY IMPORTANT!)

Nitro Piston

  • Periodically tighten all stock fasteners
  • Check and tighten scope mounts if applicable
  • Apply a drop of Crosman silicone chamber oil every few hundred shots into the compression chamber. External parts should be cleaned with a cloth that has oil on it.

Should you ever have questions about your Benjamin airgun, please contact Customer Service.