Gun Handling

When it comes to gun safety, air guns should be handled just like any other gun you may have been taught to shoot.  Always consider it loaded, point in a safe direction and particularly when hunting, be sure of what is behind your target before firing.

Make safety your  most important priority when handling, transporting, storing and shooting a Benjamin air gun.  Along with the rules above, here are some great guidelines for being safe out there:

  • Keep an airgun unloaded until ready to shoot
  • Keep an airgun “on safe” until ready to shoot
  • Keep your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard until ready to shoot
  • Wear shooting glasses to protect your eyes
  • When someone gives you an airgun or when you retrieve it from storage, always check to see if the gun is “on safe”
  • Read and follow all instructions in the owner’s manual and know how your airgun works before using it
  • Store an airgun in a safe place so that it can not be used by anyone unauthorized to use it

Good sportsmen are as respected for their attentive handling of guns.  Enjoy the outdoors and be safe out there!