Benny Spies

After 11 years of persistence and perseverance, Benny’s dream of creating and hosting a TV show became a reality. He’s earned degrees from both South Dakota State University and Florida State University and had great TV experience working behind the scenes for Late Night with Conan O’Brien, in the Page Program for NBC and in production for VH1 before moving back home to South Dakota to create his own outdoor show. It wasn’t easy, but after years of “no’s”, Benny finally heard a “yes” from VERSUS. Gun It premiered in 2010 and ran for three seasons on VERSUS / NBC Sports Network and he recently co-hosted a special on Animal Planet that ran in May ‘13. Season 4 of Gun It began in July ’13 and Benny is thrilled about his new home on the Sportsman Channel.

Benny wants to share his passion for the outdoors and give the world an honest representation of how the majority of Americans enjoy it. Few people have the opportunity to travel the world and hunt and fish wherever they want. He’s no different. To Benny, it’s not about the high-dollar game hunt or having the best gear money can buy. It’s about going out and doing things the way he was taught; getting’ dirty, pullin’ the trigger and havin’ fun with friends, family, and the people he meets throughout the small towns he travels. At the end of the day, Benny is simply a guy from South Dakota who loves to have fun, entertain, and is generally obsessed with the outdoors.

Along with Benny’s numerous other talents, Benny has been a contributing writer for Outdoor Life Magazine for over 3 years, penning the popular monthly column titled, ‘Since You Asked’. His honest, light-hearted columns have become a fan favorite among us hunters who can relate to an average guy who realizes he doesn’t need to bag a trophy each time he hits the field in order to call his hunt a success. He also represents Outdoor Life as an on-air host at various events across the country.